[ANNOUNCEMENT] Perdana Express New Bus Routes

Perdana Express has opened new back and forth bus routes connecting the Northwest to the Northeast of Peninsular Malaysia. The following are some of Perdana Express’s new bus routes: Bus Routes Fares Bus from Parit Buntar to Jeli Bus from Parit Buntar to Tanah Merah Bus from Parit Buntar to Pasir Mas Bus from Parit... Continue Reading →

7 Islands You Can Get to by Bus

Photo Credit: Unsplash Sometimes, nothing beats that great escape to a secret island, whisked away in the cool ocean breeze. And of the many amazing things that maketh Malaysia, it’s abundance in islands and archipelagos. Here’s a list of which ones you can visit with CatchThatBus! No - we aren’t talking about riding amphicoaches, but... Continue Reading →

Save on Your Bus Tickets with Boost!

Guess what? We are on Boost! Get more cash back rewards when you book your bus tickets via Boost App today. Start saving on your bus travels with these simple steps: Step 1: Download the app and sign up Step 2: Go to Do More page > Transport tile > Bus section Step 3: Book your... Continue Reading →

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New Bus Operator – Moraza Express

Breaking news! There’s a new bus operator in town! Coming to you this 3 October 2018, Moraza Express will be cruising across Malaysian highways.  Departing from KLIA, Moraza Express covers many popular destinations across the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia and back. Among them include the following: Bus from KLIA to Kuala Terengganu 1AM, 8AM, 10AM, 8PM,... Continue Reading →

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