[ANNOUNCEMENT] LA Holiday’s New Bus Routes

Great news folks! LA Holiday has expanded their services effective of 9th August 2018. Below are newly opened bus routes: Bus from Kuala Lumpur to Temerloh Bus from Temerloh to Kuala Lumpur RM12 one-way Bus Kuala Lumpur to Jengka Bus Jengka to Kuala Lumpur RM18 one-way Back and forth trips from Kuala Lumpur to Temerloh sees LA Holiday operate... Continue Reading →

7 Stunning Mosques in Malaysia You Have to Visit

Photo Credit: Amal Ibadah Mosques, like cathedrals, are understood to be the centre of worship and all things religion, namely for those of the Muslim faith. Evident in the magnificence of their architecture, these structures are the epitome of history’s ever-evolving eras. Here’s only a few to name in Malaysia that you should not miss!... Continue Reading →

Aktiviti-Aktiviti Lasak Anda Wajib Cuba di Langkawi

Kredit Foto: Elvira Edison  Apabila bercakap tentang Langkawi, ‘coklat’ dan ‘shopping’ adalah antara yang bermain di fikiran kerana harga murah dan berpatutan. Ya, memang benar kerana Langkawi adalah salah satu kawasan zon bebas cukai di Malaysia. Namun terdapat pelbagai tarikan lain di sana yang menjadikan ia salah sebuah pulau terkenal di mata dunia. Dikenali sebagai... Continue Reading →

Simple Ways To Board Your Bus

Do I have to print my ticket? Can I board my bus straight away? We bet you ponder upon these questions every time you book a bus ticket online. Fear not, this guide's sole purpose is to address those concerns. Here, you will stumble upon the various operators available at your fingertips and two simple... Continue Reading →

8 Apps You Need for A Seamless Getaway

Travelling is both an adventurous and exhilarating hobby. Though dangerous at times, the experience and sweet memories made would last an eternity. Today, with the help of smartphone applications, our lives have changed for the better, making it easier to live day-to-day. So unless you’re on a digital detox, here are 8 smartphone apps that... Continue Reading →

Bus Pick-Up Points in Singapore

Credit Photo: Dawertravel Travelling via express bus from Singapore is one of the easiest ways to get to neighbouring country, Malaysia as well as Thailand. It’s affordable and you will get to choose your preferred pick-up and drop-off points easily. Here's a list of pick-up points available in Singapore that you can choose at your... Continue Reading →

Weekend Getaways in Kuala Lumpur

Photo Credit: Secret-retreat.com Perhentian Island, Langkawi, Genting Highlands, Cameron Highlands, Kota A’ Famosa – anywhere away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But whoever thought that you could escape the concrete jungle without needing to travel far? Yes, you can run out of Kuala Lumpur IN Kuala Lumpur itself! Here are a few places... Continue Reading →

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