Top 5 Deepavali MUST HAVE food

Hungry for pleasure? Entice your senses as the night nears to Deepavali. As far as north goes, down south and into Southeast Asia, the Indian cuisine is definitely a wondrous place to drown your palate. And if you’ve never had a taste, here are our 5 favourite must-try dishes to start sinking in! #1 Curry.... Continue Reading →

Kid-Friendly Hotels For Your Family Vacay

Planning vacations can be tricky. Ideas for a hang out spot is one of them, not to mention your budget and the transportation for all those tagging along. Here are a few stylish yet affordable accommodations in Malaysia and Singapore that are kid-friendly! #1 Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Malaysia Photo Credit: This hotel is... Continue Reading →

The Perks Of Traveling By Bus

Travelling by bus may not be the go-to option when planning a trip; let alone the weekend journey back to your hometown. Instead, we end up driving or hopping on the next flight. All for the sake of saving time to engage in more activities. However, we are forgetting some - pleasures - we can... Continue Reading →

Things We Malaysians Are Proud Of

Some countries pride in the freedom of speech; others renowned for the free flow of drinks! Some boast skyscrapers, grand structures and the most advanced technology; while others bask in nature’s intoxicating pleasures. If posed the question of what you love about your country, what would it be?

5 Fun School Break Activities

Merdeka and Raya Haji go beyond their glorious intentions, to meanings deeper than mere holidays. Unfortunately,  bucket loads of homework and projects tend to hinder our freedom to enjoy these celebrations. Hence, making the notion, "back to school" seem less exciting. But hey, who said you can’t enjoy the break without ditching education itself? 1.... Continue Reading →

9 Tips to Survive An Overnight Bus Ride

Malaysians are fortunate to be blessed with numerous holidays. Often, long travels are our solution to making the most out of it. In the midst of our exhaustion, we result to budgeted late night bus travel. Uncomfortable much? Think again. Here’s how to survive an overnight bus ride! 1. Research the routes Photo Credit: Spend... Continue Reading →

SEA Games: Where should you stay?

Have no clue on where to stay during the SEA Games that will begin in few days? Whether it be budget, proximity or comfort, here are a few to consider as the games commence. You may find just the place you need: Northern Klang Valley (2 - 20 mins away by car) Witness the many... Continue Reading →

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