7 Islands in Malaysia You Can Get to by Bus

Photo Credit: Unsplash Sometimes, nothing beats that great escape to a secret island whisked away in the cool ocean breeze. And of the many amazing things that maketh Malaysia, it’s abundance in islands and archipelagos. Here’s a list of which ones you can visit with CatchThatBus! No - we aren’t talking about riding amphicoaches, but... Continue Reading →

Save on Your Bus Tickets with Boost!

Guess what? We are on Boost! Get more cash back rewards when you book your bus tickets via Boost App today. Start saving on your bus travels with these simple steps: Step 1: Download the app and sign up Step 2: Go to Do More page > Transport tile > Bus section Step 3: Book your... Continue Reading →

[ANNOUNCEMENT] LA Holidays’ New Bus Routes

Great news folks! LA Holidays has expanded their services effective of 9 August 2018. Below are newly opened bus routes: Bus from Kuala Lumpur to Temerloh Bus from Temerloh to Kuala Lumpur RM12 one-way Bus from Kuala Lumpur to Jengka Bus from Jengka to Kuala Lumpur RM18 one-way   Back and forth trips from Kuala Lumpur to Temerloh sees... Continue Reading →

Aktiviti-Aktiviti Lasak Anda Wajib Cuba di Langkawi

Kredit Foto: Elvira Edison  Apabila bercakap tentang Langkawi, ‘coklat’ dan ‘shopping’ adalah antara yang bermain di fikiran kerana harga murah dan berpatutan. Ya, memang benar kerana Langkawi adalah salah satu kawasan zon bebas cukai di Malaysia. Namun terdapat pelbagai tarikan lain di sana yang menjadikan ia salah sebuah pulau terkenal di mata dunia. Dikenali sebagai... Continue Reading →

Simple Ways To Board Your Bus

Do I have to print my ticket? Can I board my bus straight away? We bet you ponder upon these questions every time you book a bus ticket online. Fear not, this guide's sole purpose is to address those concerns. Here, you will stumble upon the various operators available at your fingertips and two simple... Continue Reading →

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