The Ultimate Travel Checklist

If you’re anything like me, the word ‘travel’ can both excite and worry you. Exciting because, well, who doesn’t love a good holiday? I also worry, a lot, because I am an anxious perfectionist. I sometimes snap when I forget to pack my shampoo - true story. In my defence, I can’t simply buy my... Continue Reading →

Saving for Your Next Trip

Photo Credit: Travel while you’re young, they say. Take vacations from the hectic schedules once in a while, they say. Life is short; YOLO, they say. Don’t worry about the money, they say; travel is the only purchase that will make you richer, they say. Well, all of those are quite easy to say... Continue Reading →

Tips Keselamatan Ketika Bercuti

Photo Credit: Theressomuchtosee  Teringin nak backpack ketika bercuti? Ada impian untuk mengelilingi dunia bersama teman atau secara solo? Seronok kan - memang lah seronok tetapi pastikan anda menjaga keselamatan diri dan juga barang-barang anda agar tidak berlaku sesuatu yang tidak diingini. CatchThatBus berkongsi beberapa tips keselamatan ketika bercuti untuk anda lakukan. #1 Sentiasa bawa pasport... Continue Reading →

Little Miss Frugal’s 8 Travel Tips

Do you envy your friends’ selfies at their latest travel destination on your Instagram feed, but you don’t have the fund to go on one? Are you stuck at your desk at work, daydreaming the day you get to breathe the fresh air of holiday? Are you one of those students who wish they can... Continue Reading →

8 Packing Hacks for Your Next Trip

Photo Credit: Oversixty Once, I had to turn back home when we’ve started our journey for about an hour simply because I accidentally and inconveniently forgot my medicine. Imagine that horror which could have easily spoiled the merry mood that we had for the holiday. Lucky thing I didn’t realise it much later LOL. Because... Continue Reading →

12 Must-Visit Malaysian Destinations in 2019

Credit: wheretonext Did you know that M101 Holdings Sdn. Bhd. and Hasbro have collaborated to bring Malaysia the world’s first hotel based on a classic board game? And it’s scheduled to open doors this year! In fact, 2019 has in store plenty of places and activities to visit in the country that’ll leave you and... Continue Reading →

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