10 Things You Must Bring For Your Long ‘Balik Kampung’ Journey (6/21/2017) - Raya is just around the corner now, and I’m pretty sure everyone is already packing for their hometown (just kidding! I know everyone packs the night before we leave) But anyway, whether you’re going balik kampung this year by car, bus, plane or train, don’t forget to pack these 10 items that will make your... Continue Reading →
7 Types of Passengers You Will Meet on a Bus (2/15/2018) - One of the many reasons that make bus rides a tad-bit merrier are the many characters that share the same coach with you throughout the journey. Whether you be a regular travelling back for the weekend or a newbie to the family of fellow bus riders, the atmosphere of the journey can never be too... Continue Reading →
Jom Balik Undi (4/3/2013) - No matter your preference, it’s important that you exercise your vote this coming General Election. Being possibly the most pivotal election in history, we at Catchthatbus, are excited to start the ball rolling. How do we plan to do this? We are helping transport Malaysians back from Singapore/Johor to various points in Malaysia via a... Continue Reading →
Kid-Friendly Hotels For Your Family Vacay (10/13/2017) - Planning vacations can be tricky. Ideas for a hang out spot is one of them, not to mention your budget and the transportation for all those tagging along. Here are a few stylish yet affordable accommodations in Malaysia and Singapore that are kid-friendly! #1 Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Malaysia Photo Credit: This hotel is... Continue Reading →
Travel Tips for Families on a Budget (7/12/2017) - Travelling as a family can certainly pile on the costs because you’re booking a higher quantity of rooms, flights, entry tickets, and paying to feed more mouths than just you and your spouse. Is it still possible to travel on a budget? If you plan ahead of time and take advantage of promotions and offers,... Continue Reading →

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