10 Recommended Places To Go To In Cameron Highlands (9/25/2019) - Cameron Highlands is different from the rest of the country and is famous among locals and tourists because of its climate. Its temperature generally averages from 18 to 25 degree celsius. Locals and even those as far as Singapore travel here to stock up on fresh produce.  Everything seemed better here — the walk feels... Continue Reading →
10 Things You Must Bring For Your Long ‘Balik Kampung’ Journey (6/21/2017) - Raya is just around the corner now, and I’m pretty sure everyone is already packing for their hometown (just kidding! I know everyone packs the night before we leave). But anyway, whether you’re going balik kampung this year by car, bus, plane or train, don’t forget to pack these 10 items that will make your... Continue Reading →
12 Must-Visit Malaysian Destinations in 2019 (1/14/2019) - Did you know that M101 Holdings Sdn. Bhd. and Hasbro have collaborated to bring Malaysia the world’s first hotel based on a classic board game? And it’s scheduled to open doors this year! In fact, 2019 has in store plenty of places and activities to visit in the country that’ll leave you and your loved... Continue Reading →
7 Best Free Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur (9/11/2019) - Kuala Lumpur is well known to have several gigantic steel skyscrapers with some of it housing expansive shopping malls with various luxury brands from around the world. Despite being known as a shopping haven, this gem of a city is still full of an eclectic mix of things to do at zero cost. Here are... Continue Reading →
7 Islands in Malaysia You Can Get to by Bus (10/4/2018) - Photo Credit: Unsplash Sometimes, nothing beats that great escape to a secret island whisked away in the cool ocean breeze. And of the many amazing things that maketh Malaysia, it’s abundance in islands and archipelagos. Here’s a list of which ones you can visit with CatchThatBus! No – we aren’t talking about riding amphicoaches, but... Continue Reading →
7 Must-Do Extreme Sports in Malaysia (11/30/2018) - Photo Credit: What are extreme sports without speed, excitement and muscle aches at the end of it all. For all you daredevils and adrenaline junkies out there, if you crave for some hot-blooded, adrenaline-pumping activities to quench your thirst for thrills, this is the list for you! #1 Water Rafting This water sport is... Continue Reading →
7 Types of Passengers You Will Meet on a Bus (2/15/2018) - One of the many reasons that make bus rides a tad-bit merrier are the many characters that share the same coach with you throughout the journey. Whether you be a regular travelling back for the weekend or a newbie to the family of fellow bus riders, the atmosphere of the journey can never be too... Continue Reading →
8 Apps You Need for A Seamless Getaway (7/24/2018) - Travelling is both an adventurous and exhilarating hobby. Though dangerous at times, the experience and sweet memories made would last an eternity. Today, with the help of smartphone applications, our lives have changed for the better, making it easier to live day-to-day. So unless you’re on a digital detox, here are 8 smartphone apps that... Continue Reading →
8 Fun School Break Activities (11/26/2018) - November and December are the biggest rewards in the life of primary and secondary school children. We’ve got some activities where both children and adults can have some smart fun. Hey, who said you can’t enjoy the break without ditching education itself? 1. Ice Age Alive   Back to the near-genesis of existence! The exhibit... Continue Reading →
8 Packing Hacks for Your Next Trip (1/17/2019) - Photo Credit: Oversixty Once, I had to turn back home when we’ve started our journey for about an hour simply because I accidentally and inconveniently forgot my medicine. Imagine that horror which could have easily spoiled the merry mood that we had for the holiday. Lucky thing I didn’t realise it much later LOL. Because... Continue Reading →

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