Raya Throwback: 10 Past Raya Commercials That Still Play With Our Emotions

The time has come again guys, Raya ads are flooding our timelines and our dark souls with a range of emotions we’ve suppressed since *cough cough* childhood *cough cough* last raya. We’re pretty sure everyone by now has seen TNB’s viral Raya Aidilfitri Commercial “Dugaan Raya Aida” that went viral last week. It was sweet! Seriously, if you’ve been living under a rock, check it out below!

We love this so much cause it reminds us that the spirit of Raya lies in the bond between you and your loved ones, not from materialistic things new baju raya etc. Honestly, we’re suckers for good Raya Aidilfitri ads, am I right? So we’ve compiled the 10 Best Raya ads that touched our hearts over the years!

Someone get the tissue, the tears are coming!

1. Raya Commercial (Perodua / 2007)

We’ll start you off easy, in the spirit of Ramadan, we love this lighthearted 2007 Raya ad from Perodua that focuses on the theme of conservation. Global warming is real guys! Please conserve electricity and switch off all the electrical appliances when not in use!

2. #LepasTu (Tenaga National Berhad / 2016)

How can we not include this cheeky #LepasTu ad from TNB in our list? One of the most viral Raya ads, last year, it takes on a comedic route in portraying the spirit of forgiveness that’s widely celebrated during Raya Aidilfitri. Everyone should take note from little Din here,

Asking forgiveness + Witnessed by your extended family members = Gets you off the hook 😛

3. Pengacau Raya (Bank Simpanan Nasional / 2015)

The cutest ad in our list, we can’t help but smile every time we see this 2015 Pengacau Raya commercial by BSN. It’s a story about how Aloy becomes a “Pengacau Raya” (Raya Nuance), when he and his wife, Zaitun, go back to celebrate Raya Aidilfitri with her family. Aloy, who is a Muslim convert, is too overexcited for his first Raya, tries his best to help the family prepare for the festivities, but the thing is, things don’t always go right when Aloy lends a hand. It’s a laugh!


4. Plastic Bowl (Petronas / 2006)

Petronas has been producing great Raya commercials for as long as anyone can remember, their ads are highly anticipated every year. But this 2006 ad is still one of the best they’ve produced. Teaching us to be courteous when we treat our parents when they’re old, and how our actions can easily influence the characters of our kids.

5. Siberturahim (Samsung / 2016)

A personal favourite ad from last year, Samsung really brought it close to home with their Siberturahim, conveying their Hari Raya message through a sibling quarrel in a family chat group. Unconventional yet refreshing, I bet everyone here has been in a couple of chat-group argument that’s strained one or two times before!

6. The Prayer (Petronas / 2001)

The oldest ad on our list, this Petronas ad is definitely a classic. A story about the love & hope of an innocent boy praying for the safe return of his fisherman father out at sea, this ad immediately warms our hearts. But it’s what he does after that has made this ad so memorable since 2001!


7. Selalu di Hati (Mydin / 2016)

This Mydin ad was a real tear jerker when it was released last year, a story of a woman who’s struggling to deal her grief and sorrow, it’s very realistic and relatable to everyone celebrating Raya after losing a loved one.

8. Atuk (Nissan / 2014)

This ad by Nissan knows how to tugs at our heartstrings at all the right places. We’re not giving away any spoilers, but after watching it everyone will surely learn to appreciate their elders more!

9. Iklan Hari Raya (RTM / 2014)

Theming their ad around selfishness vs. selflessness, this 2014 ad by RTM will make anyone reflect the unconscious selfish acts they commit to the people closest to them. Teaching people to love unconditionally and to not take your loved ones for granted.

10. Kad Raya Syafiqa (PTS Media Group / 2015)

Oh, Syafiqa! You got us bawling after watching this! We couldn’t deal without emotions seriously. There will never be a dry eye in the room after watching Syafiqa’s story unfold.


To end on a light note here’s a bonus ad, and honestly, this is by far the best and most hilarious Raya ad there is! It’s should be a classic in everyone’s book!

So what’s your favourite Raya ad? Let us know in the comments below!

Selamat Hari Raya from all of us at CatchThatBus! Maaf Zahir dan Batin!

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