10 Things You Must Bring For Your Long ‘Balik Kampung’ Journey

Raya is just around the corner now, and I’m pretty sure everyone is already packing for their hometown (just kidding! I know everyone packs the night before we leave). But anyway, whether you’re going balik kampung this year by car, bus, plane or train, don’t forget to pack these 10 items that will make your long journey more comfortable!

1. Earphones

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Plus points if you have a pair of noise-cancelling earphones! This is a no brainer, a decent pair of earphones is essential wherever you go! Vehicles are loud, this will block out all the unwanted noise and chitter chatter, for a relaxing ride (and nap) to your hometown. As an alternative, ear plugs will do just the same!

2. Hoodies

You’ll definitely get cold on your journey. A hoodie, scarf or blanket will give you extra warmth and comfort, especially when travelling long distances. On a side note, do yourself a favour and wear comfortable long pants and shoes with socks, trust me, the person next to you wearing shorts and flip flops will look at you with envy when the temperature drops!

3. Sleeping Mask

When you don’t get the window seats, you’ll need an eye-mask or a pair of sunnies to block out the sun and get some shut eye. But generally when travelling, it’s always good to carry a pair of sunglasses to avoid awkward eye contacts and unwanted interactions!

4. Neck Pillow

Let’s face it, the vehicle seats are only comfortable, until they aren’t. For journeys that take more than 3 hours, bring a travel pillow and save yourself weeks worth of neck pain; no one has regretted this decision before.

5. A Good Book

Photo Credit: Metro

Long journey’s along countrysides or in the clouds is the ideal place to catch up on some reading! It’s almost romantic really! Time will definitely pass faster when you’re immersed in a good book. However, this is not for everyone as some people are more prone to motion sickness. As an alternative, why not listen to an audiobook instead?

6. Off-line Entertainment

Chances are, Wi-Fi and mobile data would be weak or non-existent on your journey. Most platforms now offer offline viewing capabilities, so download all your music, movies, youtube videos etc. before you start on your travels. You’d also be saving yourself a lot of data by doing this!

7. Powerbank / USB charging cable

Think of this as your lifeline. Your battery might just run out mid-way through your journey, although some buses now do offer USB ports in their coaches, but it’s safer if you brought your own powerbank on your journey. Just don’t forget your USB cable too!

8. Lip Balm

Photo Credit: YouTube

Nothing will cause you more discomfort on your journey than chapped lips! Trust me, after hours in an air-conditioned cabin, two things will definitely happen; you’ll freeze your butt off (yays to hoodies!) and your lips will as dry and cracked like the sahara desert! Unless, of course you remember to bring a good lip balm. I personally prefer mine to have SPF for some sun protection, and have either cocoa butter or aloe vera extract for better moisturising properties.

9. Tissue Paper

Public toilet. Nuff said’.

10. Light Snacks

You are bound to get hungry on your journey, but since it’s Ramadan and you’re still fasting (if you’re Muslim) food is probably not necessary. But if you’re travelling far, you might just be breaking-fast on the bus. So be sure to bring some light snacks, just to as we say ‘alas-perut’ til you find some proper food when you arrive at your destination!

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