PSA: 10 Best Tips To Keeping Your Home Safe While You ‘Balik Kampung’

CUTI RAYA IS AROUND THE CORNER! For most of us, that means one of two things, you’re going to balik kampung, or you’re gearing up for a well-deserved getaway. Either way, your house is going to be empty for at least a couple of days, and you should take some safety precautions to ensure your home’s safety when you’re away. Here are 10 tips to keeping your house safe when you balik kampung (or go on that luxurious getaway :P)

1. Unplug All Unused Appliances

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The last thing you want is coming home to a pile of rubble and ashes, make sure you switch off all unused sockets and plug out all unused electrical appliances, especially any heating devices (irons, hair dryer & straightener, electric hot plate etc). Also unplug your internet and entertainment system to protect them in any case a thunderstorm passes when you’re away.

2. Install Electric Timer

Electric timers are good investments for times like these. You could automate the time your lights switches on and turns off in your house as this would make your house seem like any other day.

3. Hide Your Prized Possessions

Jewellery, extra phones, tablets, laptops and even gaming consoles, these are the kind of things you should be hiding when you’re on vacation. If you have a safe box, put all your important documents and possessions in there. If you don’t, get creative! (i.e. jewellery in a biscuit tin in your pantry cupboard).

4. Increase Visibility In Yard

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Keep your yard as clean as possible, trim all the bushes and make sure all the lalang is plucked out neatly, so there are no hiding spots anywhere. If you don’t have an electric timer, leave your yard lights on. This would usually stave off any potential intruders. If you have porch blinds, take them down for the time being as an added measure.

5. Secure And Lock Your Windows & Doors

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We’re not only talking about your front and back door, but ALL the doors and windows in and around your house; from room doors to the kitchen door even the bathroom doors. If a burglar does manage to break into your house, locking your doors will prevent him to get around the house with ease. Just remember to bring your keys along with you on the way out!

6. Leave Spare Keys With Trusted Person Instead

Spare keys should be left to a trusted neighbour or friend, not under an overturned pot in your garden where thieves would likely find them. Also, if there’s an emergency, you’d know who can help you check on your house for you.

7. Inform a Trusted Neighbour About Your Whereabouts

Adding extra vigilance to your house is always a good move. Informing a neighbour of your vacation would make them be more alert if anything seems out of the ordinary at your house. If your area has a neighbourhood watch, that’s even better!

8. Leave Your Home Looking As Normal As Possible

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Contrary to popular belief, you should not shut all your blinds and curtains when you leave for vacation. That’s usually tell-tale sign of an empty house for burglars! Leave your house looking as normal as possible, turn on a radio as if someone’s always in the house. If you rarely close your curtains, don’t start now.

9. Fill In The ‘Borang Balik Kampung’ from PDRM

PDRM annually holds extra patrolling units during these festive times, be sure to fill and submit this Balik Kampung form, so your house is always on the watch by patrolling officials during your vacation!

10. Don’t Spam Your Social Medias About Your Vacation

Photo Credit: Planable

Let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of this! But posting your whereabouts on social media is a big giveaway about your empty house! It’s best if you don’t if your profile is public. Burglars can be anyone, and anyone can be a burglar, that includes the very people in your friends list! That means no checking in on Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter. Delay your Raya Instagram pictures to after you arrive back from your trip!


Photo Credit: The Vulcan Post

Nothing ruins a vacation more than the safety of your home. After taking all these precautions, you can then have a peace of mind when devouring all the rendang and ketupat, knowing that you’ve done everything you can to keep your house safe.

Selamat Hari Raya from CatchThatBus, with you all the way!

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