Travel Tips for Families on a Budget

Travelling as a family can certainly pile on the costs because you’re booking a higher quantity of rooms, flights, entry tickets, and paying to feed more mouths than just you and your spouse.

Is it still possible to travel on a budget? If you plan ahead of time and take advantage of promotions and offers, you most certainly can save money. Here’s how:

1. Consider the route you will be taking

bustravelPhoto Credit: Wosco

If you’re looking at a multi-destination vacation, plan your route in advance so you can opt for the cheaper mode of transportation. You could take a train, a low-cost airline, and if both of those add up to a lot of money, perhaps a road trip is the cheapest option. With services like CatchThatBus, it gets even easier. Skip the long queues and hassle of buying a ticket. All you need to do is enter your departure and arrival points, preferred date of travel and the number of tickets required. The website will provide you with the available options, select your preferred option, pay the required fare and you have your tickets! With promo code and no extra charges, you can save a lot more! Travelling is now super convenient with these various online platforms.

2. Do your research for good deals on hotel bookings

Booking a hotel has never been easier, and cheaper. With online services that allow you to find available hotels and their prices per night in a jiffy, such as Agoda, Booking, and Airbnb, we’re spoilt for choice. Each company would have their own deals with the hotels, so be sure to do research across as many platforms before you book. Airbnb can also offer cheaper accommodation, for example, a whole apartment unit that might be better suited for your family versus a hotel room.

3. Search for flights on low-cost airlines and book early or during promo periods

Although we would all love to fly first-class fleets and opt for comfort when in flight, low-cost carriers are a great alternative if you’re travelling on a budget. Research and compare the prices across different airlines and assess which ones give you a better deal for you and your family.

4. Consider a local destination

Photo Credit: Traveling Islanders

If budget is a concern, consider a local destination that you could drive to like Port Dickson, Penang, Melaka and such, or that you can fly to on a low-cost carrier. Our RM isn’t in the best shape so a local retreat could be the best option.

5. Rack up rewards or air miles every time you spend

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Don’t forget that your air miles or rewards credit cards can be your best friend on travels. Swipe and earn rewards or miles every time you spend. You could either gain discounts or air miles that can be converted for future family trips.

6. Opt for a city pass if available

Buy a daily pass if it’s available for public transport and even to enter selected attractions. Some cities offer this to tourist and it is usually a lot cheaper to use than to pay the individual fee each time.

7. Research activities and timing in advance

If you’re lucky, you could be visiting an attraction on the day they offer free entry or discounted tickets. But why rely on luck? Do a quick search online before you travel to identify if there are any ongoing promotions or offers.

8. Pack snacks

To avoid spending every time someone gets hungry and is in need of a little snack, you could pack your own and enjoy more savings! Fresh fruit and veggies are a great natural option.


This article is written by CompareHero. It is dedicated to raising financial literacy in our country and to helping everyday Malaysians make smarter and well-informed financial decisions in life.

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