5 Steps To A Fun SEA Games Experience

With the SEA Games back in Malaysia in a few days, get ready for a lot – and I mean A LOT – of competitions. Follow these 5 steps and brace yourself for the many exhilarating events.

STEP #1: Have a clear vision of your schedule

scheduleCredit: https://memegenerator.net

So many games to watch, so many participants to fan over. Don’t find yourself all jumbled up and fixated on what to do or where to go when the first game starts. Calm down – whip out a notebook or make a mental note on the games you want to watch the most and let arrangements organize itself.

STEP #2: Plan your commute ahead of time

giphy.gifCredit: https://giphy.com

Now that your schedule is sorted, the next step is transportation. To save up on gas money, book a bus ticket to the venue instead. Visit websites like CatchThatBus or BusOnlineTicket, enter your trip, traveling time and voila! Your bus ticket is booked. You should hurry too as tickets are already selling out!!

STEP #3: Get familiar with the venue

giphy (1)Credit: https://giphy.com

Familiarizing yourself with the venue would help to save time during the half-time of a match. It is good to have a brief survey of the place and learn how socially active it is, the public transportation available, places to grab bites and even the frequency of traffic jams. You might even avoid getting lost or stumbling upon dodgy corners.

STEP #4: Always have a full bar

image6Credit: https://www.pinterest.com

Snapping photos, uploading them on Instagram, updating tweets, scrolling through Facebook posts; all things handphones. Before getting caught up in the moment, always, always, ALWAYS, check the battery status of your mobile phone. Charge it overnight or as you’re dressing up before leaving the house… Or bring power bank. These things could even come in handy during times of emergencies.

STEP #5: Travel light & easy

image4Credit: https://thetravellady.wordpress.com

With more than 10 sports events at different times and venues, you must not wear yourself down with heavy luggage. Pack only the necessaries and leave the rest at home. Travelers coming from far and wide can opt to buy a small lock for your bags and leave them at your stay, or rent a locker at train stations like KL Sentral and Terminal Bersepadu Selatan.


And through all this, BE OPTIMISTIC. Remember, the SEA Games is a big deal in Asia, but we must remember that it is where many come together to celebrate the various sports and ethnicities that make this region unique. Win or lose, we must always remember to savor the moment.

And maybe throw in a few memes for next year! 😛

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