SEA Games : 6 Golden Do’s and Don’ts

It is that time of the month when emotions start having their way with you. Yes, after a long 16 years, the SEA Games is finally back in Malaysia! Make a mental note on a few things you should do and should NOT do when you step into the stadium:


1. Pride in participating countrymen

Of course! Why else would you be there? To support your country and the athletes that sweat for it (pun intended!). Take pride in their efforts and determination in getting themselves this far and representing their country. Cheer them on, they deserve it!

2. Keep Calm and Stay Focused

3c986104140be33612b54c2b9491a285Photo credit:

Allow yourself to bask in the moment. After all, it only happens every two years. Some however, bask themselves too deep and morph into a commentator. Keep it positive and simple, no one likes a blabbermouth.

3. Be mindful of others

You have every right to cheer and chant as wild as your heart desires, and just as so, everyone else wants to get a piece of that action as well. Be courteous of those around you. You won’t want to be blocking views while taking a selfie.

4. Use half-time breaks to the fullest

downloadPhoto Credit: Sarban Singh

It’s half-time and a restroom break calling your name, but you don’t want to lose a piece of the action. Why torture yourself? If you have to go – go. In that way, you would have relieved yourself before the event resumes. Breaks are also the time to fill yourself with food and steal a quick nap to stay energized.

5. Be careful with your personal belongings

Getting lost in Vivien’s powerful smashes and the entertainment from the Yoong siblings as they out-skim each other to gold medals is easy. But losing your mobile phone or wallet is quite the opposite. Be cautious of your belongings, keep them close as possible.

6. Congratulate opponents
LeeChingWei_Lin_Dan.transformedPhoto credit:

As competitive as the SEA games may be, sportsmanship still applies. Don’t be sour if your team didn’t win. No one likes a sore loser. Let’s appreciate the great performance showed from both sides and wish them well the next round. ‘Til then…

      1. May the odds be ever in your favor”.


1. Bash supporters of the opposing team

Even if you don’t want your ‘foes’ winning, don’t make a scene. It is important to know your limits and when you have crossed them with your words and actions. A ‘booo’ every now and is fine.

2. Push in the queue

2_62146Photo credit:

So you’re lining up waiting to enter the stadium with tickets in one hand, and pushing with the other. Chill!! You’re not the only one dying to get inside the stadium. A little patience won’t hurt, and it’ll surely reduce any bad vibes.

3. Hurl demotivating comments

So you aren’t satisfied with the performance of the current player, nor the next one, or the one after. You even start to imagine yourself at international level. However, there is no excuse to criticize anyone if it is not meant to build them up.

4. Littering

sea_games_myanmar_11292013Photo credit:

DO NOT LITTER. In nearly all public places, there is a sign for it. Empty your trash into the dustbins provided, please.

5. Seat Hogging

In the presence of many people, looking for a vacant seat can be challenging. Although the first come first serve basis is well-respected, hogging seats for your bags and bottles are not cool. Occupy the seats according to a number of people and place your belongings on the floor.

6. Allow your kids to run around [ATTENTION PARENTS!]

leashes-leash-fail-idiot-bad-parenting-demotivational-poster-1280100226Photo credit:

Crowds of people of different ages, languages, backgrounds, and nationalities are going to be present. As a safety precaution, keep your little ones close to you. Strangers aside, even an adult can drown from claustrophobia.


Should you remember these rules and put them into practice, your experience may just go smooth!

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