The Perks Of Traveling By Bus

Travelling by bus may not be the go-to option when planning a trip; let alone the weekend journey back to your hometown. Instead, we end up driving or hopping on the next flight. All for the sake of saving time to engage in more activities. However, we are forgetting some – pleasures – we can already enjoy when traveling via bus like:

Less fuel purchased, more money to spend

160408113700-filling-car-gas-tank-large-plus-169Photo Credit:

With the rollercoaster fuel prices, it’s a no-brainer why taking public transport is the remedy to your holey pockets! Take it like carpooling – everyone pitches in some small amount of cash to cover the cost of petrol used for that shared vehicle. Here’s some simple math to support this:

RM80 (one-way, 1 car, 300km) vs RM50 (one-way, 1 bus, 300km) = which one would you choose?

More sightseeing! 

img_7618Photo Credit: Highfivearefree WordPress

Quite often we miss out on the beauty of travels when we cruise across highways in our cars, like that McDonald’s drive-through along the KL – Seremban highway or that stylish polo t-shirt the passenger in the other car was wearing. Sarcasm aside, there are so much to see, be it people and places!

The chance to kick-back and relax

Screen-Shot-2014-03-16-at-14.01.56Photo Credit: 

Being behind the wheel for 5 hours straight can lead to fatigue and stiffness in the muscles. You end up either tired and lethargic the next day and spend the whole day sleeping it off. In fact, driving when you’re exhausted is very dangerous and can lead to fatal accidents. But why trouble yourself when there are express bus services? Even the comfort and facilities offered are of good quality.

Cleaner air by living green

car-emisisons-785281Photo Credit: 

For every passenger is one less car on the road. In doing so, we help in ensuring a greener environment by directly reducing harmful gas emissions. Lesser cars on the road mean lighter traffic, and therefore cleaner air for you and me.

Reaching destinations earlier

2015-toll-congestion-1Photo Credit:

Surprisingly enough, traveling by bus gets you to your destination earlier versus by car. Bus drivers’ are often familiar with the many routes and shortcuts available, making bus journeys smoother and less time to consume, even with 15 – 20 minute breaks at rest stops.

Save up on additional travel costs

slideshows_smart-spending_2015_save-by-ditching-car-and-biking-to-work_2-room-to-cutPhoto Credit:

When estimating travel expenses, note that your car requires more than a full tank. Before any long journey, you’ll have to send it in for a thorough maintenance check, relative to bus travels that help save your cash by simply boarding a bus.

Still in doubt? Try it!

There is nothing like experiencing it for yourself. Board a bus back to your hometown or plan a trip somewhere and you will see why bus travels are clearly the smarter choice! For an even simpler and hassle-free bus travel experience, book your bus ticket with CatchThatBus via website or app, available free on Google Play or App Store.

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