Top 5 Deepavali MUST HAVE food

Hungry for pleasure? Entice your senses as the night nears to Deepavali. As far as north goes, down south and into Southeast Asia, the Indian cuisine is definitely a wondrous place to drown your palate. And if you’ve never had a taste, here are our 5 favourite must-try dishes to start sinking in!

#1 Curry. Period.

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In the midst of all the celebration, a house cannot forget its curry. Whether it be mutton curry or chicken curry, it is the core, the heart, the centre of many a meal. With generous spoons of spices and herbs, that unique taste can only be found made by the right hands.

#2 Thosai

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As custom during Deepavali, the day begins with an early start. Before leaving for temple prayers, the breakfast meal may consist of freshly homemade thosai (a type of traditional Indian pancake) with a side of that mutton or chicken curry. As for vegetarians and vegans, it would be sambal or dhal. Idli (a savoury cake) and upama (a thick porridge) are also breakfast choices especially in the South Indian and even Sri Lanka Tamil regions.

#3 Biryani… Nasi Minyak.. YUM! 

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A bite will have you coming back for seconds. This rice dish is a mix of Indian spices, vegetables, a boiled egg and your select meat added with a side of yoghurt to cool your tongue from that fiery blast of goodness. For less spice but equal the charm, you have nasi minyak (ghee rice) which has its own mix of herbs, nuts and raisins.

image5The delicious nasi minyak!
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#4 Achi Murukku

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Not your normal murukku, this one gets you in your sweet spot. A variant of murukku, it is a popular biscuit in South India and is alternatively known as kuih bunga in Malay. In contrast to the spiced flavour of the usual murukku, this one is much sweeter in taste.

#5 Ghee balls and all other things biscuit!

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Appetizer or dessert, or even an all-day treat, make sure you get your hands on a ghee ball. Made of ghee – of course! – flour, sugar, nuts and raisins, the delicacy comes as a soft, chewy sensation that melts in your mouth. And guess what, you can even have them in biscuit forms!

image8More sweets and savory!
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These are only the most scrumptious of the scrumptious, and what generally reflects the food you’ll encounter. There is so much flavour and variety to the Indian cuisine. So why regret not having a share when you can?

Wishing you a Happy Deepavali and a night full of light, here’s to many more lamps to burn. And if you’re in need of transport, we’ll help you catch one at CatchThatBus!

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