7 Types of Passengers You Will Meet on a Bus

One of the many reasons that make bus rides a tad-bit merrier are the many characters that share the same coach with you throughout the journey.

Whether you be a regular travelling back for the weekend or a newbie to the family of fellow bus riders, the atmosphere of the journey can never be too dull – and we’re not even talking about reruns of the Kardashians! Nawh, here you get premier seating to some of reality’s lovable beings:-

#1     The Silent Companionsecret-de-pdg
Credits: Jobdereve.ca 
This is the lovely face that you’re seated next to, whose smiled greeted you as you crossed paths while waiting for the bus, but had completely forgotten about until reunited aboard. The individual who goes through the hassle of making small talk just to make it a less lonely ride but doesn’t mind if you prefer meditating instead. And because you shared a deep peace with this stranger, it’s their sweet departure that brings you a little closer to society.

#2     The Mischief-Makers1471647890222
Credits: Traveller

Buddies come in all shapes and sizes and even different ages too! Watch out for that little bundle of joy as he may come headbutting into your side by means of introduction. Or when she reminds you what a diva she is. These are the souls that’ll happily keep you entertained throughout the journey. You might even get lucky making friends with the strangers that shared the back of your seat with you a second ago.

#3     The Resigned Parent

4f3bde95bfa4fcf9f742c2213c7446a7_XLCredits: Stnonline

Of course, your little rascals never come alone. Burdened with luggage and the whole lot to supervise, are the parents. These are the sweet individuals who sometimes can’t help but offer a sympathetic glance when the apple of their eye behaves a little rotten in yours; reminiscent of the good ol’ days.

#4     The Family Guy9W3LBfrdJWTx
Credits: Cartoon.simplepict 

Perhaps not to every family on board, but simply the guy that can spark up a conversation with ease and feel comfortable doing it. The one who’ll crack a joke from nothing and turn a boring ride into a field trip with Ms. Frizzle!

#5     The Constant Sleeper19-Insomnia_bus-to-sleep
Credits: Healthline 

Unlike the silent companion and far from the family guy, this passenger has only one thing in mind – sleep. Whether the journey be short or long, you’ll turn to your side to realise that some people are blessed with the gift of knocking out for hours on end.

#6     The Fussy Neighbour


Credits: Yackyack

One minute it’s a heavy sigh trying to find the most comfortable sitting position, the next a few grunts to the noise of the bus occupants. This is one who you’ll maybe have an easier time remembering compared to the others. Ever consistently with something to say, brace your ears for light complaints from Grumpy himself! But don’t worry as it is only a sincere heart wanting the best for all.

#7     The One


Credits: Giphy

Words can’t begin to describe what this person is like. You’ve boarded expecting just a normal bus ride, and alight awestruck. This person gives you just enough silence to want to talk, and a spontaneous character beautifully composed. You’ll feel connected, completely in your comfort zone, like you’ve known each other for ages. Naturally relatable and sporadically instantaneous, it’s a once in a blue moon chance you’ll experience. Could it be love, perhaps?

Meet and greet with these passengers when you board your bus with CatchThatBus.

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