7 Ways To Avoid STDs From Bus Seats

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In light of the recent “super-gonorrhea” case in the UK, it’s clear profligacy is a major issue among today’s young adults – such indecency.

And with buses being a popular mode of transport, it is only befitting to ensure one’s health protection. Here’s our guide on how you could avoid contracting STDs from bus seats!

#1 Sterilise Before Sitting

You may never know what dwells upon those seats or dangers that lie silent and small, waiting for an unsuspecting victim.

Hence, always have a bottle of hand-sanitiser, antibacterial liquid or wet wipes packed with you. Ignore those judgmental eyes and don’t be shy to disinfect your seat to kill any bacteria that could potentially jeopardise your WHOLE LIFE. After all, prevention is always better than cure 😉

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You can also sanitise your hands before and after boarding the bus as you can never be TOO careful.

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#2 An Inch Away

It’s not paranoia. It’s a case of rather being safe than sorry.

It is good to know that it’s not sinful to pass scepticism on passengers seated next to you as there are victims whose symptoms only show much later in life – plus its “haram”.

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 That few inches of space may even save your life if ever you forget to sanitise your hand.

#3 Safeguard Your Asset

Do not risk your health purely to appear physically attractive, especially when in public transportation. The less skin shown, the better.

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Bring about plastic bags to sit on and barricade yourself with layers upon layers of clothes. It’s okay to feel humid, but its not okay to feel it “down south.”

#4 Stand Like A Gentleman

 The safer and logical route, period. Standing is also encouraged when the bus is crowded and your limited freedom of movement prevents you from applying step wasting your hand sanitizers and other antibacterial products.

Bus riders.jpgCredit: Pri.org

Should the serious case of Mysophobia overcome you, pacify on the thought that Christian Grey is not looking for you and thank the gods in bestowing bus poles to hold on to (you might want to sanitise those as well).

#5 Seat Yourself Solidly

It’s completely normal to switch seats in search of more comfort. Looking for the best position may help tolerate the travel more, but at the risk of your health.

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Instead of fearing that you’re going to be infected in one spot, constant shifting between seats could leave you vulnerable to bacteria. You expose yourself to different types of bacteria and BOOM – you have a super bacteria!

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So stay put!. You may just spare yourself the virus lurking from an unfortunate seat!

#6 Start Popping Vitamin E

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Your well-being is in your hands. Exercise and eating according to the food pyramid, can only do so much. But with supplements, you can enhance your immune system.

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And the best part is that there are drug stores aplenty with bottles and bottles of vitamin pills sold affordably.

And last but not least…

#7 Slow and Steady

Okay, so the guy right next to you is cute, or that girl was throwing flirtatious glances. You guys magically “zinged”! But you have the choice of walking away.

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Learn to take things slow when getting acquainted with a stranger. Else, in the words of Tay-Tay herself, they might just end up being a “nightmare dressed like a daydream” #lyricalreference.

 Remember these simple steps and precautions before if it’s too late, rest assured that you can always count on azithromycin and ceftriaxone to cure! – hopefully.stds.jpg      Credit: Formalesonly

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