5 Do’s and Don’ts to Practice During Ramadan

Today marks the last Saturday before Ramadan – the month of fasting for Muslims all over. A period where faith, perseverance and stomachs are put to the test and iftar becomes the daily wait.

Although an annual event, the hours long fast or ‘puasa’ still remains challenging especially when we consider it lasting one whole month – not to mention when we are least prepared!

So here are a few Do’s and Don’ts we think will help you on your spiritual journey this year.


#1 Set Your Alarm Clock

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Don’t let your 12pm wake-up habits be the bane for the month. You’d end up missing out on meal boosters necessary for the long day ahead. And on top of piles on piles of work and stress, sitting through uncomfortable hunger pangs. So it’s about time to reset your schedule and morph into an early bird instead – at least until Raya.

#2 Stay Hydrated

10 Reasons to Drink Water Online
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Make sure you drink plenty of water in between fasting periods. Water makes up a good percentage of our body and is constantly expelled from our system in the form of sweat, urine, and gas. It keeps cells oxygenated, helps skin retain moisture, and enhances the digestive system. In fact, you can survive longer without food than water. So, drink up!

#3 Eat Sensibly

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It would be useful to pay attention to your food intake, whether during sahur or iftar. Meals pumped with vitamins, proteins and fibres will keep you energized and full throughout the day. Avoid food high in sugar content as it triggers an appetite faster.

#4 Focus More on Your Daily Tasks

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Ramadan routines aside, your work, studies and daily life remain the same. Try to fill in your time with beneficial activities to do in order to not allow the thought of food the next second. With less focus on breaking fast, the rest of the days will feel like a breeze.

#5 Be Sincere

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Always remember, whenever you ‘berpuasa’, do it sincerely. Therefore, before you start a new day, take a moment to reflect on its meaning and uphold it throughout this month. You’ll definitely look at things differently.


#1 Pull An All-Nighter 

Photo Credit: Telegraf

It’s best to reduce pulling all-nighters during Ramadan. Not only is there a big chance of you sleeping on your morning alarm, but a series of yawns, grogginess and lethargy will likely follow throughout the day. Hence, getting adequate sleep is necessary to avoid going cray cray over stimulants to keep you awake.

#2 Leave The Office During Rush Hour 

Photo Credit: Carsifu

Unless you love queuing, we suggest leaving work before or after the evening rush hour. These are the times normal traffic jams go from frustrating to downright infuriating as many would be rushing home to break fast in time. However, should duty call, make sure you’ve had tidbits packed.

#3 Binge Eat

fridge with food
Photo Credit: Eating and Diet

Replenishing oneself like a glutton throughout the night may seem like a great idea, although not the wisest. Fasting does not work that way. In fact, you’re most probably just eating for the sake of eating! Let your body rest and naturally switch to a controlled eating pattern instead. 

#4 Procrastinate! 

Photo Credit: Hindustan Times

Whip out your planner, set your ‘balik kampung’ date and book your bus ticket early so you don’t have to worry about it anymore! And as commuting via express bus will save costs, here are a few bus bookings sites you can use – CatchThatBus, Easybook, or BusOnlineTicket.

#5 ‘Batal Puasa’

speak think act
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Not limited to just food and water, this period of abstinence applies to any form of indulgence – from marathons of favoured Netflix series, to shopping, and all the way to gossiping. Regardless, stay focused and follow the steps above. Breaking this rule would be contradictory to the very essence of Ramadan!


We hope this simple list sees you marching on to Raya with a big smile and pure heart. And if you haven’t secured your ‘balik kampung’ bus tickets yet, remember, they sell fast every year. So spare yourself a minute and book your bus tickets now at CatchThatBus

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