8 Best Ramadan Bazaars In Klang Valley You MUST visit

Ramadan Mubarak everyone! Let’s talk about food. Yep, food…!

As much as Ramadan is known as a holy month, we all know one of the highlights are the Ramadan bazaars scattered across the country. With soooo many to choose from, we’ve decided to compile a list of some must-visit bazaars within the Klang Valley!

Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI)

Photo Credit: Blog.dwidayartour

Located at Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2 (opposite McDonald’s), TTDI’s Ramadan bazaar packs a wallop considering its modest size. You’ll be intoxicated with the waft of their famous char-grilled ayam percik as you stroll down rows of canopies. Don’t forget to try the equally sought out Kambing Bakar Marvelous, where glorious succulent roasts of lambs are placed on rotisseries carved out upon order *cue drool*. And before you leave, bungkus yourself some tepung pelita, raja murtabak, popiah basah and tauhu sumendang. Where to find them? Follow the long queues of course!


Photo Credit: Uncle Jilli’s Jacket Potatoes Facebook

USJ 4′ Ramadan bazaar is highly anticipated every year by the folks in Subang Jaya. It is host to a mixture of local and international dishes. Located along Jalan USJ 4/5, this bazaar will have you leaving with more food in your hands than intended! Greeting you with the smell of ikan bakar, ayam percik and chicken wings, locals usually make a few rounds before deciding on their iftar menu. An abundance of nasi briyani, nasi kerabu, nasi campur as well as nasi ayam stalls await – dishes that serve well as a main course meal for the night. Other delightful cuisines include the popular putu bambu, Uncle Jili’s Jacket Potato and Raja Karipap Antarabangsa. And to finish it off, you’ll find Mr. Mango’s 420 Mango Juice will quench your thirst perfectly!

Kampung Baru

Photo Credit: TimeOut

If you fancy traditional meals for your iftar, head down to Kampung Baru’s Ramadan bazaar along Jalan Alang, where the abundance of Malay dishes and kuih-muih are sold! The highlight of this bazaar will have to be the famous roti goreng McGyver, which a meat-stuffed bun is wrapped in thin popiah skin and deep-fried to golden perfection. Looking for a heavier fast-breaking meal? Try out the nasi arab or nasi kukus found along the stretch of tents. As an added bonus, free bubur lambuk is given daily during this holy month at the Kampung Baru mosque, after Asar prayers. But hurry, long lines are expected!

Wangsa Maju

Photo Credit: VKeong.com

If you’re lazy to find for a parking spot, Wangsa Maju’s Ramadan bazaar is easily accessible via Wangsa Maju LRT station (take the pedestrian bridge and cross to the low-rise flats). This bazaar is one of the longest on this list, but you’ll find the vendors here sell a lot of the same dishes – it’s best to browse through the bazaar once, and buy on your way back to your starting point. The signature dish at this bazaar is the popular murtabak maggi, which sounds like a weird blend, but the taste and texture will have you coming back for seconds!

Stadium Shah Alam, Seksyen 13

Photo Credit: Timeout

The biggest bazaar in Klang Valley is located at Stadium Shah Alam Seksyen 13 car park. You’ll definitely notice your hunger pangs upon sight of the glorious cascades of ayam golek. The traditional slow roast chicken is cooked to perfection over charcoal to give it that smokey flavour whilst retaining its juices. It’s so good, you can even find bao imitations as well! Besides that, be on the lookout for the gulai kawah dish; popular among the locals, and the array of state laksa dishes available. But honestly, there are too many mouthwatering dishes sold here to list down.


Photo Credit: Makan2jalan2

Bangsar is a great place not just for shopping and nightlife, but also sweet Ramadan treats! Don’t be put off by its small size, for this bazaar has yummy delights like coloured agar-agar (jelly) decorated with fun designs and bursting fruity flavours like kiwi and dragon fruit, and putu piring (soft steamed rice cakes with a palm sugar filling!). Try out the ingenious rojabak  – where minced meat curry is wrapped in a roti jala murtabak, the jumbo deep-fried squid and some juicy ayam golek. On Sundays, the Ramadan and weekend bazaar combine, doubling the appetite and doubling the iftar satisfaction.

Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman

Photo Credit: Havehalalwilltravel

If you haven’t bought your Raya outfits yet, this is the place to get them on a good bargain! You must also remember to soak up your tastebuds with must-have cuisines like laksa utara or roti canai telur banjir, and to top it off – a glass of kopi dangdut to sum up a filling iftar.

Datuk Keramat

Photo Credit: TimeOut

Comfort food, food-on-the-go, or anything simple and filling, Datuk Keramat’s Ramadan bazaar is one you can’t miss. You’ll find a variety of your favourite local dishes including paru sambal, ayam percik, and the fine smoky tastes of daging bakar and ikan bakar! You can even have a humble nasi ayam kunyit with an egg on the side.

But if you’re into uniqueness, there are stalls aplenty with fried quail eggs and the famed roti John (a sandwich with minced meat/tuna, eggs and cheese).

And for dessert, there is akok and putu piring!

Variety At Its Best

Throw your weight-loss plans aside – the variety of local and international dishes here are enough for a 3-course iftar menu to last the month, and you’d still have leftovers! But in the spirit of Ramadan, be sure to buy the right portion for your iftar, as we’d hate to see food go to waste. Have a blessed Ramadan from all of us at CatchThatBus!

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