2018 Raya Videos That Will Give You The Feels

Maybe it’s the festive season or maybe it’s a Malaysian thing, but there is always something about Raya videos that gets us all emotional or even giggle a bit. Whatever it is, these videos are never shy of nostalgia and deja vu, relating to fellow viewers in its own unique way. Here are 16 of 2018’s must-watch video/ads that will give you that Raya feels.

#1 KFC

KFC’s video stories two brothers with the theme of forgiveness, the very fabric of Raya that is often overlooked with all things meriah. The slow sorrowful music adds to the emotion, leaving viewers shedding a tear or two. Simply get your tissues ready before hitting the play button!

#2 Gaya Raya Paling Ori – Astro Gempak

Astro’s short video combines a youthful vibe with the traditional nostalgic Melayu theme, as seen in the traditional dikir barat throughout the film. It is as comical as they come (not to mention the well-trimmed smart moustache), nothing less when you feature an iconic local comedian, Sabri Yunus.

#3 Rumah Epik Fantastik – TNB






It’s not Raya if you don’t spend it with your loved ones. Despite the ruckus and hectic commotions that come with visiting relatives, it’s still a momentous occasion when all are gathered under one roof – including neighbours. This TNB skit would definitely relate to you when your family is HUGE!

#4 Ops Lip Lap Raya – Malaysian Airlines

Such a Raya welcome on such a big scale for Kak Julia, credits for the effort though. But like Danial, we often forget that it’s not the ambience that makes the occasion extravagant but the people who accompany us on this day.

#5 #Nawaitu – DiGi

DiGi’s video provides an out of the box spin on a Raya film that will have you taken aback. The film based on a true story of coach Nidzam which sends a heartfelt message to all, that anyone can reconcile with their past through the impact they have on the present. Watch and be amazed!

#6 Raya Last Minit – Samsung

Samsung’s video touches on the notion of having things done “last minute”, something we Malaysians are too familiar with – like Raya preps for instance. The skit has hints of hilarious snippets and a whole lot of product placements.

#7 Buah Hati Raya – Lazada





They say true love is everlasting, even when we’re old and wrinkly. Lazada’s video stories a sweet old couple, who are still willing to go out of their way for the comfort of the other. One thing for sure, we definitely could learn how to make a Ringgit or two from the old woman. Time to take notes!

#8 Geng Sakat Raya – Yakult

You know when it features Nabil Ahmad, its bound to be funny. A depiction of a typical competitive sibling relationship with a comical twist including a younger addition to the family (nephew).

#9 #MisiIkhlasAidilfitri – Watson

Watson produced a short film oozing with silliness yet touching on the recurring Raya theme of being humble and knowing one’s roots. Just ask Munira! You can say she had her eyes open.  

#10 Kuih Habuk Mak – Traveloka


I think we can all agree that no one bakes better cookies than mum. Why? Because they are always made with love. But the better part of it all is sharing what we love generously and sincerely with those we care about, like this teacher with his students. After all, what is Raya without sharing!

#11 Misi Riuh Raya! – Petronas




You could always count on Petronas to deliver a captivating Raya video every year. This one gives you that classic Mission Impossible vibe with a heartwarming ending *sobs. With the world seemingly against them, they still strive to balik kampung. As the saying goes “Syawal lebih bermakna apabila bersama.”  By who? Petronas of course!

#12 Jalan Cerita Raya – Toyota

It means the world to our parents to be able to spend quality time with us, and sometimes, we fail to read between the lines. Realisation is heavily portrayed in this Toyota film as we annually ask for forgiveness from our elders. The video is narrated in a digestible pantun and a whole lot of product placements of Toyota vehicles, from the old to the new models.

#13 Janji Amin – DBKL



It is always difficult when work gets in the way of things and like Amin, it’s even harder to break the news at times. But one thing life has taught us is that family comes first. Despite the high and lows in life, our family will always stand by us!

#14 Raya Chin – mStar Online

Having a workaholic boss isn’t that bad, given you have a boss like Chin. They may look like slave drivers but emphatic in nature. We also learn that a simple greeting card can brighten up someone’s day, regardless of the celebration –  #1Malaysia *woots*. So why not spare them a greeting card and MAYBE you could get extra leaves approved 😉

#15 Telekung Siti Khadijah

Back to the tissue boxes again. It’s tough living with in-laws sometimes, even more when they are from different backgrounds and ethnicity. It’s hard to adapt to ways and traditions we are not accustomed to. But like this touching film, we learn that talking could be the cure for any misconceptions.

#16 Telekom Malaysia

A common question every festive season has to be about our relationship status, almost like Facebook without the option of skipping or closing the tab. How we wish they realised such questions are uncomfortable to us? *sigh*. Could it be because they cared? Possibly.

But oh, don’t membawang so much this Raya ok?


If you haven’t watch them, watch them now. In fact watch them ALL – while the Raya ambiance is still in the air. The season never fails to invoke the feeling of togetherness and a sense of belonging. Selamat Hari Raya everyone from us at CatchThatBus and Maaf Zahir & Batin.

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