8 Apps You Need for A Seamless Getaway

Travelling is both an adventurous and exhilarating hobby. Though dangerous at times, the experience and sweet memories made would last an eternity.

Today, with the help of smartphone applications, our lives have changed for the better, making it easier to live day-to-day.

So unless you’re on a digital detox, here are 8 smartphone apps that would aid you as you explore the unknown – oh and they are all FREE!

#1 XE Currency

xe currency.png
Photo Credit: Mobileredesigner

Money matters, that’s a fact. Hence, you will always need a good app which allows you to check the live currency at your fingertips when travelling.

XE Currency helps you track the currency rates, charts and even stores the latest rates on your mobile devices – all with no internet connection.  

#2 Maps.Me

Photo Credit: Ubergizmo

Moving about unfamiliar territory can be frightening. The fear of getting lost is real. Asking for directions can be a hassle if conversations with the locals come to no avail as well.

Maps.Me provides access to offline maps of every city from around the world. It’s like Waze, which functions offline.

Their maps are detailed, providing directions to various hot spots and more. It also indicates your current location and the distance to the next curb. This app also provides the option of bookmarking locations if ever you intend to visit again or share it with friends.

#3 Time Out – Discover your City

Photo Credit: TimeOut

Countless times have we ventured into supposedly a promising holiday getaway only to camp cluelessly in the hotel room, wondering what’s next. Folks, here’s your solution.

Time Out allows you to personalise your home screen and shortlist your travel guide. You are also able to look up nearby events, stores and popular restaurant as well.

With Time Out on your phone, you will never fall short of entertainment and good times wherever you may be.

#4 Packpoint Packing

Photo Credit: Truconnect

Packpoint Packing is designed for hardcore travellers and the fickle-minded, who are constantly boggled on their luggage. This intelligent travel app helps you plan your needs according to the nature of your trip – such as the weather, duration, agenda and activities.

You also have the freedom to customise and email the list to a fellow fickle minded friends to help them pack the necessaries for their travel adventure.

With all the features, Packing Point has a surprisingly clean user interface without looking cluttered and smooth and easy navigation throughout the app. The list also comes in handy during return trips as well, ensuring that you pack all that you have brought with you on the trip.

#5 Accuweather

Photo Credit: iMore

Weather could either make or break a planned getaway. It sucks that at one moment you have sunny skies and the next it begins to rain cats and dogs.

Accuweather is your go-to app, giving you a heads up on the nasty weather ahead. This live crowdsourcing weather forecasting app is now equipped with the AccUcast and the MinuteCast. The former notifies you on the weather in an area through their crowdsourcing map while the latter provides a minute-by-minute forecast in a span of 2 hours.

#6 Pocket

Photo Credit: GetPocket

Social media is filled with interesting articles to read and videos to watch, yet, there’s always our internet connection which may be a hindrance at times.

Pocket allows you to download an article or video and view it during whenever you like – without an internet connection. There is also a Text-to-Speech feature where users can listen to the article rather than read it – a plus point for audiobook lovers. Pocket has unlimited storage space as well. So there is no need for virtual spring cleaning. You can also revisit old saved content too.

Users can also share their saved content with their friends and loved ones as well. It’s a great app for travellers to pass their time, whenever they’re on a long journey to their destination.  

#7 Google Translate

google translate.png
Photo Credit: IBTimes

Language is always a barrier whenever you step foot on foreign land, hindering an ideal travel experience. It’s always a struggle to understand the signboards, menus and sometimes what others are saying. It is always the matter of duck talking to chicken in this scenario.

Google Translate eases those pains. Unlike Google Translate on the web, the app translates languages without making your sentences look silly. App users can either type, speak and scan a text and Google Translate will do what it does best.  It’s a great travel tool especially when you don’t converse in the local language.

#8 CatchThatBus

Photo Credit: Facebook

Say hello to, CatchThatBus, an online bus aggregator enabling travellers to purchase their e-tickets from a range of reliable bus operators across Malaysia and Singapore, via websites or app.

Travellers are now able to personalise their journey by viewing real-time bus schedules and seat availabilities and pay through secure, easy and convenient gateways.

The application looks clean, polish and user-friendly, making easy for users to book their bus tickets in a few simple steps. With this app, your days of lining up at long counter queues to purchase bus tickets are over.


We at CatchThatBus are all for a smooth and relaxing travel experience and hope that these applications will make your travelling experience a tad-bit seamless.  Happy Travels folks!   

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