Don’t Book Your Bus Ticket Until You’ve Read This

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Since hitting the ground running in the bus aggregating scene, our goal has always been to provide a seamless bus travel experience, not by mere ticket sales but every step of the way. Among the many efforts done are by bestowing onto you – our beloved users, the power to personalise your bus travels at your very fingertips.

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But as cliché, as it sounds, with Infinity Gauntlet-like powers, comes great responsibility! #MarvelReference. We’re all human and mistakes do happen every once in a while. Sadly, jeopardising what could have been a perfect bus travel experience.

But it’s all good, there is no issue we cannot resolve. We’ve compiled a list of silly mishaps you might want to bear in mind before booking your next bus ticket to your destination.

#1 Changing departure times/dates

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Generally, bus operators do not allow for changes in departure times and dates. Each bus operator has their own T&C to abide by. You would have to contact us directly and we shall liaise with the bus operator on your behalf.

With bus operators under Konsortium Transnasional Berhad (KTB) which include powerhouses like Transnasional, Plusliner, Nice and more, a 25% change fee will incur and is subject to seat availability and management approval, 24 hours before your bus departs.

#2 Wrong email address or contact number

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When you book your bus ticket with CatchThatBus, we send your e-ticket to your respective email address. Hence, to receive your e-ticket promptly, it is important to type out your email address correctly. We advise our users to check your email addresses not once but TWICE, before confirming your details for a smooth bus booking experience.

Your telephone number is also essential as we need to liaise with you if any mishaps obstructed your e-ticket received or to address your qualms and queries, all in the name of a better customer experience.

#3 Requesting trip availability  

CatchThatBus provides substantial access to over 700 destinations across Malaysia and Singapore, and we are working tirelessly to expand across Southeast Asia. More often than not, we do offer your requested routes, but instead of going through the hassle of contacting us on their availability, you can do it yourself. There is really nothing to it!

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Visit our website or simply download our app for FREE on your Android and iOS devices and follow the steps below to book your bus ticket.

#1: Search and select for your desired trip, date and number of passengers.
#2: Enter your passenger details.
#3: Make your payment.
#4: Receive your ticket(s).

Easy, right? Oh, and did we mention that we made it as seamless as possible? 😉

#4 Latest departures

Users have the option of typing out your travel route and date on our various platforms to find out the status of not only our latest trips but all the trips departing on your desired travel date.

Alternatively, you could search respective routes on our route pages. The schedules you find are updated in real-time and in every 24 hours.

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#5 Asking to print tickets which require printing

We notify our users if it’s necessary to print your bus tickets, exchange it for a boarding pass or board with an e-ticket. Our message will appear at the top of your e-ticket as shown in the visual below.


Here’s a guide on the differences between an e-ticket and m-ticket, and the respective operators that require printed tickets to board their buses.

#6 Unable to download the CatchThatBus app

Perhaps it could be a storage problem, or maybe you could attempt to uninstall and install our app again. Or maybe its time to change your phone 😆 – Samsung Galaxy Note 9, anyone?

But all humor aside, we appreciate the feedback you provide us and we have always escalated these issues to our tech team for further investigation as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can always proceed to our mobile website to make your bus bookings. We have tried our levels best to make bus bookings experience as fast and smooth as possible.

Here’s how we made life easier without you even realising it! No downloads included, just a shortcut to add our mobile website to your smartphone home screen.

#7 Promos

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Occasionally, we do have contest and promos that allow you to save on your travels and win exciting rewards.

For now, we have the Promo Cash feature, available for Android users only, which allow you to save 25% on your bus bookings.

30.8 - SG.png

All you have to do is register your account on our Android app and RM10 / S$5 will be credited into your Promo Cash account.

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook (MalaysiaSingapore), Twitter and Instagram to get the latest updates!


Voila! We hope these tips would provide some assistance when booking your bus tickets through our various CatchThatBus platforms. And fret not, if you come across some seemingly impossible road blocks, you can always contact us and we will guide you along the way. Reach out to us at:

P.S: We really appreciate the feedback you provide us on your bus travel experience. We have always escalated these issues to respective operators and worked alongside them to improve the services offered to you. So keep them coming, because your opinion matters the most as we work towards a better bus travel industry. 

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