[ANNOUNCEMENT] Perdana Express’ New Bus Routes

Perdana Express has opened new back and forth bus routes connecting the Northwest to the Northeast of Peninsular Malaysia. The following are some of Perdana Express’s new bus routes:

Bus Routes Fares
From RM43
From RM43
From RM38
From RM43
From RM38
From RM38
From RM38

Perdana Express has been labelled as pioneers in the Malaysian bus industry, portraying themselves as trusted bus operators with their services back and forth the East coast and various destinations across Peninsular Malaysia.

Their fully air-conditioned coaches including their 45-seater double deckers equate to nothing less than a fulfilling journey no matter the duration and destination. Click here for more information about Perdana Express.

CatchThatBus has made booking Perdana Express bus tickets simple and easy through the convenience of electronic devices.

Book your bus tickets today via CatchThatBus app, free from the Google Play Store or the App Store or visit our website and experience bus bookings like never before!


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