8 Simple Travel Safety Tips for Men

Photo Credit: TheBelleVoyage

“Traveling is the antidote to ignorance” …

Above are the wise words of a stand-up comedian, Trevor Noah. To some it is the epitome of freedom; others the way of life. Regardless, travellers always have to take safety precautions – especially for solo women traveller, but what about the men?

Check out some of these basic yet useful practices applicable even for the Dwayne Johnson’s out there!

#1 Study your destination

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Photo Credit: DayTripperUniversity

Although spontaneous deals in life sometimes turn out to be the sweetest, it wouldn’t be taxing to just read up on your destination. It could be anything ranging from weather, culture, and national religion to population, crime rate, and tradition. A spoonful of knowledge goes a long way in how you conduct yourself in a foreign land and even determines how long you survive in other cases.

#2 Keep tabs of your whereabouts & your phone charged

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Photo Credit: Memegenerator

You can never outgrow the act of informing anyone on your whereabouts, even if you’re the man of the house. There are plenty of instances where travellers get robbed or cheated by locals. On top of that, make sure you pack a power bank so that your phone stays functional in case of emergencies.

#3 Always hold onto your valuables

luggage-safety-tips (1).jpg
Photo Credit: WorldNomads

Better yet, don’t bring along anything that is dear to you when travelling (your partner is an exception). This includes jewellery, documents, extra devices or netbooks you have no use for. Carry your passport, identity card and bank card with you at all times to avoid losing them and accidentally falling into the wrong hands.

#4 Don’t keep all your money in one place

two_column_GEKbKONG (1).jpg
Photo Credit: vse-dlya-dam

Wads of dollars, rubles, pounds or even bahts can surely make one feel life on the richer side. And conveniently, it helps you keep track of your expenditure.

But say you run into any trouble and extorted for cash, gone is your travel budget. So before you begin your journey, divide your cash and keep them in separate pockets or bags and places for backup. It even helps if you’re on a budget!

#5 Too macho for pepper spray? Run the other way!

funniest-race-signs-at-a-race-02 (1).jpg
Photo Credit: FuelRunning

You don’t have to be the scrawny kid to be an easy target. Women usually have with them a tube of pepper spray or a rape whistle. But for men, sheer strength is all you THINK you need – a pocket knife is definitely out of the question!

Should you find yourself in a tricky situation, take a second before throwing that punch and look for an escape and make a run for it instead, until you reach a crowded area.

#6 Watch out for attractive women!!

Photo Credit: yandex

Dear brethren this subject could not be stressed enough. Now, this does not mean you are banned from approaching women (you may find your soulmate on these lonely travels), but it’s always better to be cautious.

It could simply be a round of drinks to impress the lady who is flirting with you to buy more drinks, romantic dinners in posh restaurants, charming you to buy her gifts or even an invitation to an afterparty. She could be that delicious bait you had to take. If she’s beautiful and looks out of your league, she could be dangerous.

#7 Don’t wear earphones

e38b4ac845f7b0c6ad3c7420773defe6 (1).jpg
Photo Credit: m.dailyhunt.in

It’s the norm to have music blasting in your ears as you stroll down a busy street. It helps block out the world while you turtle into your shell. Yet while it offers self-peace, it could be the simplest things that pose a safety threat.

It paralyzes a portion of your alertness to your surroundings. So cross the street or have a seat before wearing your earphones and enjoying the rhythm.

#8 If it looks dodgy, walk with the crowd

arton70632 (1).jpg
Photo Credit: Toutelatele

That quiet alley or secret passageway in the quaint countryside village you just visited could be a shortcut to your place of stay or simply just a road you’d like to try. It could lead you to a dead end, or weave you through the delightful local lives.

But it could also take you to a path of pickpockets and criminals. And sometimes it could be too late to back away. Remember, trust your gut and if it looks like trouble, then don’t try it. Stick in plain sight, where there are plenty of people and shops nearby. There is a reason why birds of a feather flock together… it’s safer.




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