Cafés to Hunt for the Holidays

Semester break is back again, have you already made plans for the holidays? If you haven’t, ride with CatchThatBus and find some delicious food at cafés around Malaysia and Singapore. Don’t just save more, enjoy the exploring too! #dekatje



Synonymous to its status as a world heritage site, Melaka also promises palate satisfaction for food lovers.

cdrmCredits: (left), (right)

Casa Del Rio River Café. This café offers a beautiful scenery of the Melaka river. Suitable for those who are all about food presentation and service, this café is also a great place to relax with your friends.

Credits: (clockwise),,, limaulimaucafe.blogspot, maestro-travel

Limau Limau Café. The decor of picture frames and array of artwork gives this café a unique twist. The breakfast menu is available from as early as 9am until 11am. Look out for the café’s starter dish and must-try – Ciabatta Bread Mozzarella.



Penang is the paradise for “food hunters”, making it a go-to destination for Malaysians and tourist alike.

Credits: faithjoyhope.blogspot (top), (bottom)

Kopi C Kafe. For cake lovers, don’t miss out on this one. You’re sure to be hypnotised by the rows upon rows of mouth-watering  pastry served and cakes of all shapes and flavours. And not to mention – their Tiramisu!

kckp (1)Credits: (clockwise),,

Monkey Cup Café. With its retro style, this café is a must-visit for coffee-addicts. On top of that, customers can be sure to enjoy a scrumptious and sensible priced plate of pasta.



The mention of “Ipoh” is enough to trigger thoughts of a homely small town with its quaint coffee houses.

h8ciCredits: (clockwise),,,

Happy 8 Café. The winning point of the café is in its artistic taste evident in the intricately designed woodwork of their lamps and bamboo covered wall. Sweet delicacies like Strawberry Yogurt Cake and Papaya Smoothie are its top sellers.

b&liCredits: (clockwise),, yumyumpark.wordpress,

Ben & Lynette. An English-themed café, neat and organised with highly recommended delightful Italian dishes. With every corner of it being picturesque, it’s no surprise that the café is rated handsomely on social media.



The current rapid development in Johor Bahru sees the rise of modern cafés similar to those in Damansara and Kuala Lumpur.

ccjbCredits: (clockwise),,,,

Cat Café. A drink and some playtime with furry felines can surely brighten your day. Here, you can enjoy their adorable and vigorous antics while indulging in your meal. It’s definitely the place to be when you’re having a bad day.

mjbCredits: (clockwise) cytraveling.blogspot,, acexx19.blogspot,

Miyokori. The dishes here are just too cute to consume. Neat, clean, and well-organized, the café looks like it migrated from Japan! And because of its simple yet elegant ambience, it definitely makes a romantic place to have some alone time with your significant other.



Nicknamed the Garden City of Lights and home to one of the world’s tallest towers, it is a popular hub for travellers and locals alike.

BeFunky-collageCredits: (clockwise) blog.saimatkong,,,,; (centre)

Antipodean Café. A classy and cosy meeting place for young working adults and expatriates. Enjoy delicious and healthy meals from around the world with a menu list comprising of meats, vegetables, grains, nuts, oils and honey. Topped off with a steaming cup of your select coffee, there’s no doubt why its a city favourite.

BeFunky-collage (1)Credits: (clockwise),,,,,

Merchant’s Lane. Decorated in Nature’s theme with its rattan chairs and indoor plants, there is a cool and calming atmosphere. Western and Asian infused cuisines are available – keeping experience afresh at every seating. Prices are humble and food, filling to the heart’s comfort, making it a go-to place for families.



This fast, upbeat and sophisticated little Merlion island never falls short of trend.

BeFunky-collage (2)

Credits: (clockwise),,,,,,,; (centre)

Sarnies. Opened daily, the café is a local favourite. Sink your teeth into juicy sandwiches or sarnies, high quality meat or a bowl of fresh salada! Hearty food for everyone, they even offer catering services for more to enjoy.

BeFunky-collage (3)Credits: (top: left-right),, left-right) cafehoppingsg.squarespace, theiceangel.wordpress,

Whisk and Paddle. Stir your appetite with the soft shell crab burger, grilled vegetable pizza and gnocchi. Have your eggs served sunny, scrambled or even poached. The addition of spoonfuls of home-baked desserts, customized cakes paired with a beautiful riverside view makes it an all-around destination.

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