KL River of Life scores a spot on the Indepedent’s list of “World’s 10 Best Waterfront Districts”

Another beauty just under our nose is KL’s River of Life. Listed as one of the top 10 best waterfront districts in the world by the British online newspaper, it comes against the likes of Tokyo’s Shibuya Stream and Singapore’s Clarke Quay.

Flowing along the edges of Sultan Abdul Samad Jamek Mosque (better known as Masjid Jamek), the waterfront makeover was the effort of the River of Life(RoL) and Blue Pool projects launched by former Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. The projects were aimed at restoring eight(8) rivers within the Klang Valley region, and even beautifying and making them presentable for commercialisation and tourism.

Photo Credit: makanlena

The night light effects designed at the confluence of the Klang and Gombak rivers offer a stunning view for visitors or as EdgeProp puts it:

“The Klang river has been transformed into a vibrant waterfront.”

Thus, it lives up to its name as Blue Pool.

Photo Credit: mariafirdz

Not only a sight for sore eyes, the riverside has also seen enhancement with rows of cafés, pedestrian bridges and paved bicycle lanes.

River of Life is easily accessible via the Masjid Jamek LRT station or RapidKL buses heading towards Masjid Jamek such as:

  • 851 – Pasar Seni Bus hub – Kompleks Mahkamah Jalan Duta – Pasar Seni Bus hub
  • U4 – Medan Pasar – Desa Mana Puri – Medan Pasar

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