The Ultimate Travel Checklist

If you’re anything like me, the word ‘travel’ can both excite and worry you. Exciting because, well, who doesn’t love a good holiday? I also worry, a lot, because I am an anxious perfectionist. I sometimes snap when I forget to pack my shampoo – true story. In my defence, I can’t simply buy my shampoo anywhere because it is sold at specific saloons only. LOL.

To save myself from high blood pressure due to the constant worrying and allow myself to relax and enjoy the holiday, I decided to prepare an ultimate travel checklist. This way, I won’t have to worry about forgetting to prepare or do anything during my holiday.   


#1 Book your tickets

If you’re not driving, make sure you book your tickets early to enjoy discounts and to not miss available transportation scheduled. This step is easy-peasy nowadays as you can do it in the comfort of your home or simply anywhere. Opting to travel via bus? Visit CatchThatBus website or download its mobile app on your phone for a convenient, fast, and hassle-free booking process.

#2 Book your accommodation

Unless you’re backpacking and are super-adventurous-you-wouldn’t-mind-sleeping-on-a-bench, be sure to book and confirm your accommodation early. Surf the internet and browse for the most ideal accommodation to suit your needs, budget, and travel plan. You may also ask your friends who have been to the same destination for recommendations.

#3 Arrange for logistics

Decide and arrange on how you’re moving around in the area, be it driving, renting a car, boat-hopping, using public transportation, or on foot, etc. Some places especially the islands, require you to arrange your transportation beforehand.

#4 Check (and renew) your passport, get the required visa

If you’re travelling to another country, check your passport expiry date and double confirm the requirements to enter the country to avoid any difficulties at the Immigration checkpoints. Some countries require you to get a visa so don’t wait until the last minute to get one.

#5 Pack your bags

And don’t forget your essentials. Write down everything you need to bring and check each item off the list once packed. Travellers reliant on medications need to be very careful not to them behind.

#6 Apply for leave

Do yourself a favour and keep your current job (that is paying for your holiday, yes) by applying for leave and actually having it approved, legitimately.

#7 Plan your itinerary

Don’t travel blindly. You will be very disappointed to have missed out any to-do when you’ve gotten back home. It would be best if you even chart the time so you can keep track of your time at particular venues.

#8 Do some research

Get to know about the place you’re visiting, learn a bit on its culture and taboos etc. to avoid any social awkwardness and bitter memories. Also, note down the numbers and actions for emergency situations to stay safe during your travels.

#9 Ensure home safety

Turn off the gas, lock up real good, inform your (trusted) neighbour and family member or friend, send your cats to the hotel, and so on and so forth. You WILL have that peace of mind you’re craving for.

During the holiday

#1 Be in the moment

I can’t help but notice that some people (including yours truly) seem to be unable to fully enjoy a holiday because the thoughts of work, problems, and more bug them too much. Breathe and let go of any disturbing thoughts, let yourself enjoy and recharge.

#2 Snap lots of pictures

And selfies, and “boomerang” etc. You’ll look back at the pictures and smile at the memories they bring.

#3 Explore the destination

Here’s where your earlier itinerary becomes very handy. Don’t miss anything that you’d like to do at the venues. Besides, why do you even go through the hassle to be here if you just sleep in all day?

#4 Socialise with the locals

This will broaden your knowledge and experience. They usually give the best tips on the destination, too! Remember the hidden shop that sells the best local delicacy? Or, where we can get the cheapest souvenirs?  

#5 Buy souvenirs

Bring back some local souvenirs for your family and friends. While you’re at it, don’t forget to get something for yourself, too. Once, I was too preoccupied with buying souvenirs for others, I had nothing for myself as a memento of the place I visited.


#1 Create a photobook

Or if you prefer, the virtual album of your memories at the places you visited. 

#2 Keep in touch

Sometimes, lifelong friendships are built during travels.

#3 Get on with life

I know you dread the end of your fun time, but please deal with the piles of laundry, and answer your boss’ phone calls.  

#4 Save and plan for your next trip.

Just kidding! (But, why not?)


Worry no more, start planning your next holiday, use CatchThatBus to buy express bus tickets to get around now!


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