8 Must-Watch Chinese New Year 2019 videos

Photo Credit: abc.net

If you thought that only during Raya did commercial and short videos that really take the spotlight, then you are gravely mistaken. Chinese New Year has its fair share of short videos ranging from heartfelt to just plain comedy, portraying that Chinese New Year is not all about the dressing-up, angpaos and more. Here are some must-watch videos that would definitely rekindle that spirit of Chinese New Year or leave you with a taste of deja vu.

#1 Prudential: Word Count

As much as we perceive our parents to be such pains at times, we know they only want the best for us. The video by Prudential depicts a daughter who longs for some quality time with her dad, similar to how it was during her childhood. All is revealed in the end. Any further elaboration would only spoil the essence of the video. Watch it and you will understand the sacrifices parents make for the betterment of their children’s future.

#2 Daikin: Forget Me Not

We are often guilty of taking our loved ones for granted only to realise our faults when it is too late. Daikin sends this message out in a crystal clear manner, portraying the importance of family and love – even when they are gone.

#3 PLUS: Shou Xin

One laborious chore during Chinese New Year is the shopping – so many things to buy and so little time (and even lesser money). As tiring as it may seem, we must never forget the joy we bring to others when they receive goodies, like a child receiving a fat angpao, especially during festivities.


Petronas is back at it again with another festive video, this time for Chinese New Year. The story observes a mother-daughter relationship where the daughter is constantly bogged down with work. Though sometimes we may be overwhelmed with workload, we must never forget the ones who will always love us in spite of our shortcomings.

#5 AirAsia: The Perfect Lou Sang

Ever wondered how Yee Sang came about? We will leave CIMB’s video to tell the tale. But be it yee sang or not, celebrations are the stuff of perfection once they are spent together with your loved ones, don’t you agree?

#6 Caltex: Lucky Break

Some of us can relate to Han Chin Peng, who puts it pretty well – Chinese New Year feels like a huge chore. Aside from bombardment of awkward questions from our relative, we always have that “A Class” cousin who always seems to be worshipped by all. Nevertheless, we could at least TRY to get with the program, of course with better luck when money is on the line.

#7 Malaysian Airlines: The Spirit of Hospitality

Malaysian Airlines could never put the season of Chinese New Year into words any better. Spread the love and care this festive season will good deeds regardless of how small it may be, you can never be too busy to put a smile on a random face.

#8 Maxis: Dooit For Family

Last but definitely not least is telecommunication giants – Maxis, who takes a comical spin on a Chinese New Year video depicting the theme of forgiveness amongst two brothers. Something we should all take note off this festivity – burying the hatchet and start anew. You don’t call it a NEW year for nothing.


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