Penang in CNN’s Top 19 Best Destinations to Visit This Spring

Penang has always been the darling of Malaysian tourism. No surprise, given all the delicious food, heritage sites and colonial architecture present in one place – but to be ranked amongst the top 19 in the world is definitely something to shout about for Penangites and Malaysians everywhere!

According to CNN, out of all the beautiful destinations the world has to offer, Penang is ranked 15th on their top 19 best places to travel for the spring of 2019 – some feat considering the likes of Barcelona, California and other locations familiar through our television screens included in this list.

Photo Credit: Wonderfly 

CNN honourably mentions The Habitat Penang Hill, a 130-million-year-old rainforest drowned with exotic plants and animals amidst the vast greenery.

They added, “Scientists estimate the Malaysian rainforest hosts 20 percent of the world’s animal species and uncountable plant species.

“The Habitat’s canopy walk, home to Langurs or Dusky Leaf monkeys, provides access to rare wildlife and stunning views of valleys, headlands, the city of Georgetown and the glittering Andaman Sea beyond.”

dusky leaf monkey.gif
Photo Credit: Travelandleisureasia

Just look at the photo below – truly a remarkable sight silhouetted by the beaming sunlight, shining down from the canopies down to the jungle floor below.

habitat sunset.jpg
Photo Credit: The Habitat Penang Hill

Our beloved Penang is among 2 Asian destinations on this renowned list, Naoshima Island, Japan being the other, ranked 13th on the list.

The Habitat Penang Hill has even responded to this article on social media:

Screenshot (105).png
Photo Credit: Facebook

Though the list was ranked in alphabetical order we shouldn’t be in the slightest bit disheartened. For all we know, Penang might have even topped the list, we’d sure like to believe so 😉

Others on the list include Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, Aegean Islands and Marrakech.

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