Hiking Destinations in East Coast Peninsular Malaysia: Part 2

The east coast is not just for the lovely beaches –  the hills and mountains are one to pump up for and explore too! We bring you more hiking destinations you should definitely consider.



Gunung Bunga Buah, Genting Highlands

Photo Credit: Twitter @epiFX

Starting Point: Lim Goh Tong Highland, Gohtong Jaya
Level: Moderate to difficult
Height: 1,430 metres

Gunung Tahan

gunung tahan.jpg
Photo Credit: useglobe.blogspot.com 

Starting Point: Sungai Relau or Kuala Tahan
Level: Difficult
Height:  2,187 metres

Gunung Berembun, Cameron Highlands

Gunung Berembun.jpg
Photo Credit: Time Travel Turtle

Starting Point: Jungle walk No.3 & No.7
Level: Moderate
Height:  1,840 metres

Gunung Duri, Ringlet

Gunung Duri.jpg
Photo Credit: Instagram @kelek_jb_official

Starting Point: Tanah Rata
Level: Moderate
Height: 1,530 metres

Gunung Jasar, Cameron Highlands

Photo Credit: mchiker.blogspot.com

Starting Point: Tan’s Camellia Garden, Trail 10, Tanah Rata
Level: Moderate
Height: 1,696 metres

Gunung Brinchang, Cameron Highlands

Gunung Brinchang
Photo Credit: ecocameron.com

Starting Point: Jungle walk No.1, Pekan Brinchang
Level: Easy to moderate
Height: 2,032 metres


Gunung Berhid

Photo Credit: amirabidin.com

Level: Moderate
Height: 1,931 metres

Gunung Basor, Jeli

Photo Credit: kakipewai.com

Level: Moderate
Height: 1,840 metres

Gunung Chinta Wangsa @ Gunung Ayam

Photo Credit: mchiker.blogspot.com

Level: Moderate
Height: 1,560 metres



Bukit Keluang, Kuala Besut

Photo Credit: nadzirahata.blogspot.com

Starting Point: Bukit Keluang Beach
Level: Easy to moderate
Height: 346 metres

Gunung Gajah Terom, Hulu Terengganu

Photo Credit: enjoyurblogbaby.blogspot.com

Starting Point: Air Terjun Sekayu
Level: Moderate to difficult
Height: 1,206 metres

Gunung Tebu, Besut

Gunung Tebu.jpg
Photo Credit: xpdc-ali.blogspot.com

Starting Point: Taman Rekreasi Lata Belatan
Level: Moderate to difficult
Height: 1,039 metres

Gunung Sarut, Hutan Simpan Hulu Nerus, Setiu

Photo Credit: kakipewai.com

Starting Point: Lata Payong
Level: Moderate
Height: 1,229 metres

Bukit Jong, Kuala Nerus

Bukit Jong.jpg
Photo Credit: Instagram @bukitjongecotourism

Level: Easy to moderate
Height: 350 metres

Bukit Harimau Menangis

Bukit Harimau Menangis
Photo Credit: Instagram @mek_dudada

Level: Moderate
Height: 203 metres


Other Hiking Destinations in the East Coast

Fraser’s Hill (Bukit Fraser)

Hiking Trails: Bishop, Maxwell, Rompin, Hemmant, Mager, Pine Tree Hill, Abu Suradi, Kindersley
Level: Easy to moderate

Gunung Lawit, Kuala Berang, Hulu Terengganu

Level: Moderate to difficult
Height: 1,519 metres

Gunung Padang, Hulu Terengganu

Level: Moderate to difficult
Height: 1,314 metres

Gunung Gagau, Taman Negara Terengganu Tasik Kenyir

Starting Point: Sungai Cicir
Level: Difficult
Height: 1,376 metres

Gunung Mandi Angin

Height: 1,459 metres

Bukit Raung

Level: Easy
Height: 401 metres

Gunung Bongsu

Height: 658 metres

Gunung Kachang, Kenyir

Height: 1048 metres

Gunung Tembat

Height: 436 metres

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