Hiking Destinations in Southern Peninsular Malaysia

Finally, we’ve made it to the South and there’s no backing down now. Enjoy the warm sun on top of amazing views in this region of the peninsula!



Bukit Beruang @Bear Hill

Photo Credit: Instagram @tate3n

Height: 116 metres
Level: Moderate

Bukit Batu Lebah, Jasin

Photo Credit: Twitter @twtlepak_

Height: 500 – 600 metres
Level: Moderate



Bukit Arong, Mersing

Photo Credit: Facebook @SouthernEAGLEAdventure

Height: 274 metres
Level: Easy

Gunung Muntahak (Gunung Tahah), Kota Tinggi

Photo Credit: akukahtuah.blogspot.com

Height: 634 metres
Level: Moderate

Gunung Panti

Photo Credit: evensi.com

Height: 531 metres
Level: Moderate

Gunung Pulai, Kulai

Photo Credit: mierahassan.com

Height: 654 metres
Level: Easy to moderate

Tips: The summit is out of bounds as there is a communication tower located there.

Gunung Lambak, Kluang

Photo Credit: eshamzhalim.com

Height: 510 metres
Level: Easy to moderate

Gunung Ledang @ Mount Ophir

Photo Credit: blog.airpaz.com

Height: 1,276 metres
Level: Moderate to hard

Gunung Belumut

Photo Credit: Tripadvisor @typical_uranian

Height: 1,010 metres
Level: Moderate


And that’s it for our hiking trails in Peninsular Malaysia! Click here to check out more hiking trails in Malaysia. Share with us if you know more 😃

Until then, so long fellow hikers.

Tips: Make sure to pack bottled water for your hiking trips to keep hydrated as some trails may not provide resting stops.

Main photo credit: ThrillingAdventuresNow

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