How to Celebrate Her this Mother’s Day

A mother’s love is gentle and calm; it is warm and forgiving; and unwavering, strong and protective. Let us celebrate her and shower our gratitude this weekend with these simple ideas below.


Pretty things for a pretty soul – show her your appreciation with these common yet heart-warming gifts.

Surprise her with Flowers

Photo Credit: World of Buzz

Nature in all its freshness and vibrancy is always a delight to behold. Getting her a bouquet of flowers – especially her favourite ones – may be cliché but will surely make her feel remembered and put a smile on her face.

Buy her a Necklace

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Adorn her with a necklace or piece of jewellery of choice to express your love and remind her how precious she is.

Treat her Beauty

Time only enhances the lines of sacrifice in her hands. Keep her work and dedication cherished and cared for by looking after her well-being too.

Relax her with Scented Candles

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Picking up after the mess we’ve left without complaint is one of the superpowers mothers have. What better gift than a scented candle and a day off from chores to allow her some adequate rest and a calming atmosphere.



Although our mother’s cooking is like none other, today is to give them a break. There are plenty of restaurants around the country that offer scrumptious dishes to spoil her with!

Nobu Kuala Lumpur

Photo Credit: Eat Drink KL

Go big or go home –  this restaurant offers a grand dining experience with its beautifully crafted dishes and savoury tastes. And in conjunction with the celebration, the chefs will be preparing Mother’s Day 7-Course Omakase Menu made available on 3 – 12 May.

Get in touch with them at 03-2164 5084 for queries or reservation.

Hotel Jen Penang by Shangri-La

Photo Credit: Travelife Magazine

Suitable for young families, the hotel will be offering buffet-style dining on the day itself. Mothers that come to dine will be given a welcome drink and mystery gift.

Café Jen, Lobby Level 12pm – 2:30pm ADULT


(6 years – 12 years)

RM88 Equivalent to age


Find more restaurants here.


Don’t just reminisce; make more memories.

Go Hiking Together

Photo Credit: Pxhere

Ensuring your loved one’s health is no easy task. But it can always be a fun one. Spend the day doing something beneficial like hiking. Together you can exercise your muscles and break a good sweat. Here’s where you can start:

Travel and Bring her Sightseeing

Photo Credit:

You can buy her all the diamonds in the world, but you can never buy enough time!

Store some of your hours and take the woman who raised you on a journey of life. Get to know her more and experience new places together. Better yet, book your bus tickets at CatchThatBus and travel now!


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