8 Amazing 2019 Raya Ads You Should Watch

With Raya just around the corner, who doesn’t love the many life-lesson ads the celebration brings! From nearly missing a ride home to missing home itself, these heartfelt tear-jerking storylines will have you reaching out for the tissue box!

#1 Rendang SoRaya by Petronas

Deemed the perfect advertisement for the occasion by The Star Online, the story follows Soraya as she perfects her mum’s signature beef rendang. Appreciated for its display of racial harmony, it takes viewers on her day at the market as she comes across individuals of different walks of life that were a part of her mother’s.

#2 Konvoi Epik Fantastik by TNB

Follow Tok Wan and his convoy as they visit ALL 9 of his siblings spread across the country! Though tiring the journey and infectious the exhaustion, viewers will enjoy the cute, light-hearted storyline that speaks of family bonding in abundance.

#3 Tumpang by PLUS

We watch as Amir is left behind at an R&R by his bus ride home and fatefully comes across Pak Man. They carpool and time slowly weaves them together; thus ending with a reminder that there is always something to be grateful for from every journey.

#4 Surprise Raya by Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM)

Bard’s Raya situation is a relatable one for those of you still studying. Caught up with final exams and the festivity all around him, he teaches us that it’s possible to balance our personal and professional lives AND still enjoy them. Watch until the end to find out the big surprise!

#5 Impian Aidilfitri by AINAA Beauty

Raya is a time to seek forgiveness and reconciliation with loved ones, and Aina’s story is a humbling one of it. Observe as her achievements take a toll on her and strain her outlook on life and relationships thus affecting her Raya plans.

#6 Raya di Hujung Tanduk by Fiq Sam

A story of anger turned into hate when Syukor finds out that his elder brother plans to sell his buffalo, Awang. Watch as his brother continually tries to make amends and prove that brotherly love can’t be broken.

#7 Pondok Kasih by PKNS

Iwan has just moved to the Pondok Kasih orphanage and is already dared to talk to the angry Pak Nas who is always seen cycling by. Watch as day by day his new friends and him try to find ways to grab the man’s attention but to no avail. Though their efforts come in vain, they soon have a change of heart once they found out who he is.

#8 Deria Takbir by Maxis

In this Maxis ad, we are introduced to Faiz, a kid, unlike the rest. Born with a special hearing condition, he sets an example that whatever the situation, it should never affect how you go about life. Watch as he overcomes his challenges and takes part in the Takbir Raya.

Hope you enjoy these videos and may the celebration bring us closer. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin!


Feature photo credit: Wanikiter.blogspot.com


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