Top 12 Destinations to Visit in Terengganu

Of beaches, local delicacies and strong cultural vibes, Terengganu is the East Coast state to be at. From tradition-infused destinations to global modern structures, you’ll find that it offers the best of the new and the old. Oh…and we can’t wait for the official launch of its new drawbridge!

Terengganu Drawbridge

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The first of its kind in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, and estimated to be the longest in the world, the bridge stretches 638 metres long with a height of 12.5 metres above sea level. Yet to be named, it is the fourth – after the Sultan Mahmud, Pulau Rusa and Pulau Sekati bridges – between Kuala Terengganu and Kuala Nerus. With the last of test-runs and safety checks being done, the attraction is scheduled to open 1 August 2019.

Islamic Civilisation Park

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Visit 22 of the world’s popular mosques all in one place through the various miniature architectural replicas at the themed park. It serves as a great place to explore for those with a keen interest in religion’s history and architectural implementations. Spanning approximately 10 hectares on Pulau Wan Man, the park is nearby the main museum.

Kampung Cina @ Chinatown

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Kuala Terengganu may be better known for its nasi kerabu and keropok lekor, but its Chinatown is a must-visit should you go hungry for Chinese err’thang. Crowded with colourful shops, delicious street food, hipster and traditional cafés, and elegant batik textiles, the market is an all-around pit-stop. Moreover, it is home to the multi blue-hued, Peranakan, Soon Teck Heritage House and Ho Ann Kiong Buddhist Temple – a top frequented place of worship.

Pasar Payang

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Budget more when you shop for souvenirs and handicrafts at the Pasar Payang market. You’ll happily find local snacks, batik, songket and silk textiles, and brassware, all sold at reasonable prices. And to top that off, hop on a trishaw just outside the main entrance and sightsee about the town.

Crystal Mosque

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Behold a magnificent Moorish-influenced architecture made of steel, glass, and of course… crystal! Alternatively known as Masjid Kristal, it is located at Islamic Heritage Park on Wan Man Island. The mosque looks out to a beautiful view of the Terengganu river edges whilst being a favourite glistening sunset destination. And it has Wi-Fi! 

Tasik Kenyir 

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This 1985 man-made lake is the largest in Southeast Asia, spanning approximately 260, 000 hectares and channelling water to the Sultan Mahmud Power Station. Abundant in flora and fauna, there are over 25 different species of freshwater fish, 1,000 birds, and 800 butterflies –  and we haven’t gone to the flowers and plants! On top of that, many activities around nature are available such as kayaking or canoeing, cave exploring, hiking, and even fishing.

Terrapuri Heritage Village

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Experience a relaxing stay in Nature’s calming embrace with a taste of Terengganu culture. Based on a project to restore and conserve 29 century-old antique Malay houses, you’ll be able to experience the lifestyle first-hand. With the village away from modern technology and near the beach, there’s plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy like a stroll along the coastline, swimming or even flying a wau (kite)

Floating Mosque 

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Floating above a man-made lake, the Tengku Tengah Zaharah Mosque or famously known as Floating Mosque is a favoured background scenery for its brilliant white appearance and classic-Islamic architectural finishings. And with only a 10km difference from the Kuala Terengganu city centre, it’s not a surprise that its a frequently visited destination.

Kenyir Elephant Conservation Village

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Home to our endangered elephants, the Tasik Kenyir sanctuary is situated not far off from the lake in a natural forest environment. Here, visitors can cosy up to these lovable giant mammals and enjoy fun activities with them such as riding, bathing and feeding. Apart from the educational shows available, you get to explore their habitat by means of a canopy walk!

Bukit Keluang

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An easy to moderate difficulty level with a peak promising a mesmerizing view of the ocean and Pulau Perhentian, the hill is a frequented hiking choice. Apart from that, you can even try sky-high sports like paragliding and parachuting. Down at its base are family-friendly facilities like food stalls, public toilets & changing rooms, and even chalets for a convenient hangout hub.

Muzium Negeri Terengganu

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The state museum is among the largest of its kind in Malaysia divided into four separate buildings with nine unique galleries including Royal Gallery, Islamic Gallery, Petroleum Gallery and Fisheries & Marine Gallery. Officially opened in 1996, the architecture and intricate designs are still relevant today with traditional influences. The outer grounds, however, display historic wooden houses like Istana Tengku Long. 

Istana Maziah

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Formerly functioning as the Sultan’s palace, the building is within close proximity of the central market. It is one of the city’s prettiest attractions around and is a must-visit especially for those interested in traditional and colonial architecture. Unfortunately, the mosque is closed to the public, however, visitors are more than welcomed to take photos of its exterior. (Note: Please wear modest attire)

Malaysia’s Handicrafts

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Get all your souvenirs and some insight on the origin of the traditional kain songket from Perbadanan Kemajuan Kraftangan Malaysia (PKKM). Located in Chendering which is approximately 6km from Kuala Terengganu city centre, visitors can easily find high-quality handicrafts and traditional hand-woven textiles. You might even be lucky to catch the Songket Heritage Exhibition where songket paradise awaits! 


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