Top 16 Destinations To Visit When You’re In Pahang

In light of the coronation of Pahang’s Sultan as our King just next week, we’re sharing 16 places you should visit in the lovely state to mark the special occasion. Here’s to a happy start with a smiling mountain! 

P.S. We’ve got some big names to be proud of in our Top 3.

#16 Gunung Senyum Recreational Forest

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Home to the beautiful limestone outcrop that is Gunung Senyum (Smiling Mountain), you’ll find acres upon acres of oil palm surrounding the area. The forest itself is a great place for outdoor recreational activities like camping and caving. In fact, there are 25 caves to explore there, all conveniently named – eg. Gua Kambing because of frequent goat visits; Gua Kapal is shaped like a ship; and Gua Mayat for its corpse-shaped rocks!

Note: Closed on Fridays.

#15 Cameron Highlands 

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The township where you can sit back and enjoy strawberries while drinking tea – all home-grown! Feast your eyes on the fruit farms and leaf plantations across its hills and get your own hand-picking experience. Add to the sweetness, its bee farm is where you’ll find a unique quality of honey and derivative products for purchase. 

#14 Genting Highlands

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The Genting Resort is located near Kuala Lumpur and even brings similar excitement as the city. While it oozes modern technology with SkySymphony’s digital presentations, you’ll be pleased to find a balance of tradition and arts at Chin Swee Cave Temple and an east coast-influenced exhibition at SeniKome Péng Hēng. But of course, primarily known as an entertainment hub, most families come for the theme park while others hit the casino.

Big money, big money, big money!

#13 Fraser’s Hill

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One of the last hill stations developed in Malaysia during the British rule, the small colonial-architecture town remains a cooling getaway among locals and tourists alike. It is frequented for the recreational-friendly facilities and amenities like a trekking footpath, playground, sports complex, and golf course. And if you’re looking for something different than the usual – there’s the nearby Jeriau Waterfall to chase or the flocks of migratory birds to catch sight of. 

#12 Bukit Tinggi 

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Welcome to Medieval France in the small village of Colmar Tropicale – only that it is an isolated hilltop town and that you never really have to step out of Asia. The resort is an innovative development of Berjaya Hotels & Resorts successfully bringing a piece of Europe themed in its architecture and cuisine. The attractions are consistent with the prettiness having a rabbit park, Top-20 Malaysia Ranking golf course (18 holes), and equestrian centre.

It’s a budget-friendly trip to France, I say!

#11 Gua Charas (Charas Cave)

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This limestone outcrop is surrounded by a palm plantation and has a few temples dotted along its base. Getting further into the interior, you’ll find a stairway leading to a cave where altars and statues depicting the different gods in both Hinduism and Buddhism line the walls. With natural lighting and a spiritually uplifting ambience, the end of your path will lead you to a somewhat hidden gem – the reclining Sleeping Buddha.

#10 Sungai Lembing town

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Once boasting the largest, deepest and longest tin mine in the world, the town was our Eldorado in its prime. However today, with the mine long closed, visitors can expect to explore a restored heritage infused with precious history, and as the icing on top, the Panorama hilltop offers a beautiful view of the town to appreciate (you can see the peak of Bukit Charas!).

#9 Tasik Chini

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Here in the great outdoors of Malaysia is its second-largest freshwater source. With 12 interconnected lakes surrounded by approximately 12,000 acres of wetland, it is a destination of relaxation and serenity. There are plentiful species of flora and fauna that you’ll be fortunate to come across via boat ride services available while meeting and learning more about the people of the indigenous tribe called Jakun. 

#8 Cherating Beach

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If you’re looking for a good dip in the ocean whisked away but not too much from society, this sleepy fishing village off the east coast will do just the job. Sprawling with guesthouses and chalets suitable for families and the single tourist, Cherating offers that much needed alone time while still having easy access to basic supplies and healthcare services.   

#7 Pulau Tioman

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One of the most beautiful islands in the county, Tioman is famous for its clear blue waters against sandy white beaches, flora and fauna rich rainforest, and a well-maintained resort island. Its tropical landscape provides a convenient ground for various activities – from scuba diving and snorkelling to the physically intense rock climbing and jungle trekking. And if you allow yourself a walk around the island, you’ll stumble across the turtle conservation project!

Read our article about Pulau Tioman here.

#6 Time Tunnel Museum

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As the name implies, this Cameron Highland based museum is literally a blast from the past. Step into the collection pit of local man, See Kok Shan, where you’ll find floor to ceiling covered walls full of vintage memorabilia. His possessions acquired from domestic travels carried throughout the years vary from photographs to handwritten letters to even kitchen stoves. And it seems like there are plans to expand the building!

#5 Taman Negara

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Take a step into a 130 million-year-old virgin tropical rainforest cum national park and inhale a fresh breath of Mother Nature. Enjoy various outdoor activities like fishing, caving, mountain climbing, and even crossing the longest canopy walkway in the world! You’ll be amazed at the abundance of flora and fauna all around. 

#4 Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary

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An orphanage and refuge for semi-wild elephants where you can observe them in person. Programs are scheduled for beneficial fun that includes guided tours around the sanctuary, talks in regards to the endangered mammals and conservation efforts, and photo ops. On top of that, you get to lend a hand during the feeding and bathing sessions as well.

Get the visitor schedule here.

#3 Kuala Lipis town

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Visit and explore the hometown of the nation’s sweetheart Datuk Siti Nurhaliza and former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. Once upon a time the state administrative capital, you’ll notice a landscape of ageless hilltop heritage buildings and their colonial designs. Little may be left of its tin mines, but the history and construction paired with the yet simple life of a mixed community is a tour walk not to miss. 

#2 Teluk Cempedak

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A popular beach located in Kuantan with only an approximate 5km distance from the town centre, the Cempedak bay is a convenient weekend stopover. Its sandy beaches and hawker lined shore make it a favourite place for families to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Other things to do include watching the waves crash against big stones or climbing the wooden walkway intertwined with a bit of jungle heading towards Tanjung Pelindung Beach. 

Oh, and did we mention that Norman Hakim is from TC? So this destination is Gerak Khas proven!
And finally, the Pahang town to especially visit and celebrate now:-

#1 Pekan town 

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The state’s official royal town and the birth land of the Yang diPertuan Agong. Named after the purple Pekan flower commonly known as ‘yesterday-today-and-tomorrow’, it’s no further from the fact that the town is ever-changing with the times. And while it has its rich standard of palaces, a polo field and smart mosques, it retains an intimate touch with the kampung atmosphere in other areas. 


We hope this article gave you insight into Pahang’s beauties. Until then, continue your travel with #CatchThatBus.

Main Photo Credit: Office Holidays

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