5 Reasons Why Singapore is the Best Country Around

We’ve written some time back why this island is an arrow to the heart, but we’ve yet to give the fatal blow. So here are 5 significant reasons as to why every Singaporean should be proud, and the rest…

…become one now.

Safe Haven for Child-Rearing

Photo Credit: Women’s Weekly

Making its way to the top of the chart, Singapore is regarded as the most friendly environment in the world to raise your child. And here’s why! 

Its dedication to the child and adolescent welfare scores healthier than most countries in terms of:

  • Labour
  • Malnutrition
  • Mortality below 5 years
  • Education opportunity
  • Pregnancy
  • Marriage
  • Displacement due to parental conflict
  • Homicide

Moreover, according to Save The Children, children growing up in Singapore experience the fullness of their childhood.

We’ll lock this in at #1 because…well, children are the future!

Global Passport Power

Photo Credit: gov.sg

Truly today, all Singaporeans can fly anywhere!

Sharing the top spot with Japan as the most powerful passports worldwide, their holders have access to 189 countries. Exclusive of visa, this practically means you can go as far as the eyes can see because your country allows it!

And all because Singapore first chooses you.

Airport One…Changi!

Photo Credit: Australian Design Review

Now, imagine while waiting for your flight you have so much time to spare yet so little to explore. And that’s because Changi Airport is not just an airport – it’s a luxury playground that only has a:

  • Rooftop swimming pool
  • Indoor waterfall (the tallest)
  • Indoor forest
  • Indoor gardens: butterflies, orchids, sunflowers, cacti
  • 24-hours cinema (completely F.O.C)
  • Interactive gaming consoles
  • Kinetic art

Check out this video from Insider:

Did we mention their new Jewel Changi has an indoor waterfall?!!

The Singlish Statement

Photo Credit: Carousell Singapore

If there is one thing that you can’t shake from Singapore, it’s the colloquial language used almost culturally. The popular mix of English, Chinese and Malay, intertwines with locals so much so that it’s even sometimes used in marketing efforts.

And honestly, that’s proof that candle’s burning long.

Home to Southeast Asia’s Happiest People

Photo Credit: Expat Living

Yes, Singapore is a small bundle of insurmountable joy!

The first-world archipelago is reported to be one of the happiest places in the world, maintaining its rank at #1 (SEA) and #34 (universally). A few points taken into account include the presence of its social support, income, freedom, generosity as well as life expectancy.


Smitten already? We thought so too. Happy 54th Birthday, Singapore!


Feature Photo Credit: CNN

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