10 Recommended Places To Go To In Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is different from the rest of the country and is famous among locals and tourists because of its climate. Its temperature generally averages from 18 to 25 degree celsius. Locals and even those as far as Singapore travel here to stock up on fresh produce. 

Everything seemed better here — the walk feels shorter, and the food tastier. You can also find all sorts of strawberries items here, from strawberry-infused tea to strawberry nasi lemak. We recommend a steamboat meal with fresh vegetables. A steaming hot soup in the lovely weather? Excellent!

Boh Tea Plantation

Boh Tea Plantation is the largest tea plantation in Malaysia and South East Asia. It was founded by the British when they discovered the ideal high altitude and mild climate of Cameron Highlands. At the fields, enjoy a good walk at the field accompanied by the rustling tea leaves. The Boh tea factory provides a free guided tour for visitors to observe the process of producing tea. Afterwards, enjoy tea and scones while looking over the breathtaking tea fields and bask in the cool air. 

MARDI Agro-Tech Park

MARDI Agro-Tech Park is a one-stop attraction centre filled with plenty to see and buy. Here you can find flower gardens, strawberry farm, herb and spices farm, tea plantation and viewpoints among various other things. The gardens are filled with a variety of well-maintained flowers and plants, so there are a lot of photo opportunities. Kids will love the mini butterfly farm, bird farm, and rabbit park here. Before you go, enjoy steaming hot tea at the cafe with scones and strawberry jam at the cafe. 

Butterfly Farm

Located at Kea Farm, find one of Cameron Highland’s oldest tourist attractions housing streams of delicate butterflies. Butterfly Farm does not breed nor cultivate butterflies, but these creatures are captured in the wild regularly. There are also other insects, reptiles and amphibians on display, including a good collection of beetles. Expect snakes lurking around the farm looking motionless. It is the place to stop by because you can not find these in the city!

Big Red Strawberry Farm

Strawberry is in season from May to August in Cameron Highlands, so these are the months to visit a strawberry farm and pluck strawberries. These succulents are served a hundred different ways here, but traditionally people would have it with a dollop of cream on the side or run it under a chocolate fountain. Big Red Strawberry Farm does not charge entrance fees and provides free parking. Other well-known farms in Cameron Highlands are Kok Lim Strawberry Farm and Raju Hill Strawberry Farm.

Brinchang Night Market

Brinchang Night Market that opens every Friday and Saturday presents visitors an opportunity to enjoy a stroll while tasting its street food. Savour the sweet pearl corn and chocolate-covered strawberries while feeling the cool breeze. Deep-fried vegetables are also abundant at this night market. The hot savoury fare complements the gentle breeze of Cameron Highlands well. You can also find multiple stalls selling honey, cactus, and souvenirs such as a t-shirt and key chain. During the school holiday, Brinchang Night Market is open daily. 

Time Tunnel Museum

Go down the memory lane and get nostalgic at the first memorabilia museum in Malaysia with collection dated from the 1950s. It is a minefield of information including the chronicles of Cameron Highlands history. The kitchen is the most popular section with displays of multiple kitchen stove, etc. It would be hard to find these vintage objects (such as knick-knacks, electrical appliances, tableware, cooking utensils) in a modern city house. However, the visit to this quirky little place will be unique for foreigners who are not familiar with the culture.

Lata Iskandar Waterfall

Take a break from the winding road and go for a quick dip on your way back from Cameron Highlands through the Tapah route. The stream of refreshing water cascading down the rocks will take your thoughts away from your busy city life for a moment. Find several trucks selling food and beverages here for a picnic beside the water. Or you can bring food from home food for sharing. 

Lavender Garden

Another newer attraction in Cameron Highlands is the Lavender Garden. This mini lavender park offers visitors an opportunity to see lavender blooms, despite being smaller compared to other well-known parks abroad. The garden set several rows of other blossoms alongside this exquisite purple flower. Don’t forget to get a taste of lavender ice cream at the cafe. The entrance fee is RM10. 

Mossy Forest

When it does not rain, you may hike up Mount Brinchang. On the way to the peak, enter the spooky and magical Mossy Forest that will make you feel as if you are in fantasy land. It is known as a fantasy forest because the setting is surreal — a thick layer of moss covers the plants, and the fog occupies the air. Meanwhile, a rich habitat of exotic plants such as the pitcher plants, ferns and medicinal herbs are plentiful to be seen.

Cactus Valley

Find rows and rows of cactus at Cactus Valley, located at the slope of a hill, right below Big Red Strawberry Farm. This farm boasts having over 1000 species, some as old as 60 years! Find a variety of species, with some green and thorny, while some blooming and colourful. Enjoy viewing these varieties being displayed neatly in one place. Cactus Valley sells its products at a reasonable price so take home some!

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All photos taken from: TripAdvisor
Featured Photo Credit: Getty Images / Taken from tripsavvy

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