25 Cheap Places In Ipoh You Can Visit (All For Less Than RM10!)

Ipoh offers affordable boutique hotels and numerous natural attractions such as waterfalls, recreational parks and limestone caves. Ipoh is also known as the second food capital of Malaysia after Penang where you can find a mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisines.

Now is the right time to explore this up and coming town before tourists start to flood it and everything gets expensive!

1. Kellie’s Castle

Photo Credit: The Culture Trip

Kellie’s Castle is an unfinished, ruined Scottish mansion with Indo-Saracenic architecture. There were rumours of ghostly presence wandering the corridors that were speculated to be the ghost William Kellie-Smith, the person who built the mansion. 👻👻👻

Admission Fee
Adult: RM5 
Child: RM3 
Non-Malaysian: RM10

2. Gunung Lang Recreational Park

Photo Credit: Ascomos

You can go on a boat ride and a leisurely walk at this enchanting park. It also has two viewing towers and a mini zoo for you to enjoy. This park is easily accessible by car and is located only 6km from the city centre. 

Admission Fee
Adult: RM3 
Child / Senior: RM1.50

3. BookXcess Kong Heng

Photo Credit: BookXcess Facebook

A bank is converted into this bookstore while retaining the look and feel of the bank. Spot the bank’s safety boxes now being used as bookshelves. There is also Yasmin Ahmad’s Museum with the original Yasmin desktop, copies of the original movie scripts and more.

Admission Fee

4. Kledang Saiong Forest Eco Park

Photo Credit: Emily2u.com

Located only 5km from Ipoh city centre and easily accessible by car is Kledang Saiong Forest Eco Park. Spot colourful birds and various plants at this protected reserved forest. Other activities you can do include taking a dip in the waterfall, jungle trekking, cycling, and camping.

Admission Fee

5. Lata Ulu Chepor

Waterfall 1
Photo Credit: Sini.com.my

Lata Ulu Chepor is another family-friendly place where you can spend a day to play in the crystal clear water and have a picnic after. You can also hike up the waterfall to see the view from up top.

Admission Fee

6. Art of Old Town & Ipoh Heritage Trail

Malaysia-Ipoh-Old-Town-Street-Art-Ernest-Zacharevic-Girl-Close-UpPhoto Credit: World Of Flossy

The large-sized 3D murals by Ernest Zacharevic on old buildings about coffee culture and the Ipoh town. These artworks have popularised the Old Town White Coffee brand and are a part of Ipoh Heritage Trail. 

Admission Fee

7. Ipoh Railway Station

Photo Credit: President.com.my

One of the main landmarks of Ipoh and is known as Taj Mahal Ipoh because it can look like the legendary monument from some angle. Ipoh Railway Station is located in the middle of Ipoh city with a park and World War 2 memorial. At night, the fountain in front of the colonial building lights up with colourful neon lights. 

Admission Fee

8. Kinta River Front

Photo Credit: Traveloka


Kinta River Front is a good place for jogging and cycling at night because the LED-covered trees that light up the plains. You can also rent a bicycle here for a little fee. 

Admission Fee

9. Gerbang Malam

GERBANG MALAM 5.t52ccbcdb.m1200.w.4sTBMWaterM21.jpg.TIF.pv.xygcmqlrO.jpg
Photo Credit: Tourism Malaysia

An ‘Uptown-style’ daily night market where you can find food, clothes, belts, shirts, perfume and more for cheap. Located at an easily accessible, strategic location, and is always happening. 

Admission Fee

10. Pasar Karat Ipoh (Memory Lane Ipoh)

loken 6.jpg
Photo Credit: Mstar

Also known as the Memory Lane and Loken market, you can guess from its name that you can find vintage items including clothes, shoes, house decorations, electrical appliances, old money, old and stamp here. Take note that it can take hours to explore this large market!

Admission Fee

11. Bulatan Amanjaya

Photo credit: PKNP

If you ever want to chill in Ipoh, you should go to this newly-built large roundabout for recreation. Suitable for families and it even has a free mini water playground for children. Do not miss the musical LED water show, running from 8pm to 11pm daily. In May 2019, Bulatan Amanjaya has been renamed Bulatan Sultan Azlan Shah. 

Admission Fee

12. Perak Herbal Garden

Photo Credit: Gowhere.my

A chance for you to see more than 500 species of herbal plants that are used for many purposes such as medicines, aroma-therapeutic and cosmetics. Enjoy the natural setting while you learn about these beneficial plants.

Admission Fee
Adult: RM2
Child: RM1

13. Tambun Pomelo Orchard

Photo Credit: Tripadvisor



Tambun is well-known for producing big, juicy and sweet pomelos because of the limestone surrounding the area, making it conducive to grow pomelos. Do not miss out the chance to try sweet pomelos from Ipoh!

Admission Fee

14. Qing Xin Ling Leisure & Cultural Village

Photo Credit: Tripadvisor

Qing Xin Ling Leisure & Cultural Village is a destination for a peaceful and relaxing time. Its gardens are surrounded by mesmerising lakes, limestone hills, and trees. You can find a collection of antiques from the 60-70s in the cave interior.

Admission Fee

15. Ipoh World @ Han Chin Pet Soo

Photo Credit: Tripadvisor


During British rule, Ipoh was well known to be the leader of the tin ore mining industry in Malaysia. Find out the development of tin ore mining and the life and culture of the Hakka community at this museum.

Admission Fee

16. Kek Long Tong Cave & Zen Garden

Photo Credit: Cavin Teo Blogspot
Kek Long Tong Cave is a Buddhist temple in a cave. You can see the unique cave landscape with impressive stalactites and stalagmites ages thousands of years. Located just outside the cave is a peaceful Zen Garden, suitable for a light jog. 

Admission Fee

17. Perak Tong Cave Temple

Photo Credit: Trip Canvas

Perak Tong Cave Temple is another well-known Buddhist place of worship located in a limestone cave. You can find murals with a divine motive on the wall of the cave. Although you have to climb steep stairs to get here, you will be rewarded with spectacular scenery at the peak.

Admission Fee

18. Ho Yan Hor Museum

Photo Credit: Muhotel


This museum presents the biography of the inventor of Ho Yan Hor, a household Chinese-medicine herbal tea. A visit to this museum allows visitors the opportunity to learn about herbal tea, how to produce it, and the Chinese belief with traditional herbal teas. 

Admission Fee

19. Geological Museum

Photo Credit: lilyrianitravelholic

Get exposures to valuable artefacts such as minerals, precious stones, and fossils. You can see the presentation of information in the form of a diorama at this museum. Suitable for a study tour.

Admission Fee

20. Tasik Cermin Gunung Rapat

Photo Credit: Tempat Menarik

Tasik Cermin Gunung Rapat is a secluded lake surrounded by limestone hills. To get here, you need to walk 30 – 40 metres through a tunnel, but when you cross the cave door, you will feel like you’re in another world due to its amazing beauty.

Admission Fee

21. Yasmin At Kong Heng

Photo Credit: @ipohechomy

Yasmin At Kong Heng is a museum commemorating the legend of director, Yasmin Ahmad. Her films and tv commercials are beloved by Malaysians for their humorous and cross-cultural elements, like the annual Petronas ads. It is located on the second floor of Old Block Apartment on Jalan Sultan Yussof Ipoh.

Admission Fee

22. Miniature Wonders Art Gallery

Photo Credit: Trip

A museum of miniature statues and sculptures made using flour, water and dye. You can see mini dioramas of the life and culture of the common people, soldiers and royalty from ancient China. People of all ages will love this museum.

Admission Fee
Ground Floor: Free
First Floor: RM5

23. Muhammadiyah Mosque

masjid cina.JPG
Photo credit: cikguazharrodzi Blogspot

Muhammadiyah Mosque is known as the Chinese mosque of Ipoh because of its Chinese inspired architectural design. Visit this mosque to take a closer look into the art and culture of Chinese-Muslim community in Malaysia. 

Admission Fee

24. Birch Memorial Clock Tower

Photo Credit: The Culture Trip

Birch Memorial Clock Tower is a magnificent clock tower overlooking the state’s mosque. It is located in the middle of an open field surrounded by colonial buildings. Students should visit the Birch Memorial Clock Tower to strengthen their knowledge of the Perak culture and history.

Admission Fee

25. Lubuk Timah Hot Springs

Photo Credit: GoKelah

In the early 20th century, Lubuk Timah Hot Springs waters were once used for tin mining. Now, the natural beauty of its clear stream makes it ideal for splashing about and having a picnic. 

Admission Fee
Adult: RM5
Child / Senior: RM3


You should consider a visit to Ipoh as it is located only 200km from Kuala Lumpur. CatchThatBus operators offer regular connection to Ipoh from major cities in Malaysia including Shah Alam, Johor Bahru, Kota Bharu, Kangar, as well as Seremban, among others. Book your bus tickets today!


Featured Photo Credit: Leon Yam | Flickr.com

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