6 Things You May Not Know About Deepavali

Happy Deepavali in Tamil is ‘Deepavali Valthukkal’

Deepavali means festival of lights with oil lamps lighting most households and businesses. It signifies the defeat of evil and triumph of good.

Deepavali is not the Indian New Year

Deepavali falls on the holiest month in the Indian lunar calendar, Kartika. Meanwhile, the Hindu New Year falls in April.

Photo Credit: NewsMobile

Most sweets prepared for Deepavali are milk and ghee-based

Deepavali sweets such as laadu (sphere-shaped sweet), jalebi (swirly orange dough coated in syrup), achu murukku and kesari (semolina pudding) are mainly made from milk and ghee.

Some would go on a vegetarian diet during Deepavali

It is believed that happiness directly correlates with respect and preservation of life. Therefore, some would go vegetarian to bring about mercy in the heart. It is also good to stay as pure as possible during Deepavali as it is a religious celebration.

Photo Credit: Le Meridien Twitter

Kolam was drawn to feed insects

Back then kolam was drawn in rice flour not only to invite the Goddess of Prosperity into the house and chase away the evil spirit, but it is also used to attract ants and other small insects to come and eat.

Photo Credit: ThaFreeBird

Sarees are the longest pieces of garments in the world

Sarees are a 6-metre traditional Indian costume for women available in various colours and intricate patterns.  The elegant sarees reflect the rich Indian heritage. 

We at CatchThatBus would like to wish you and your loved ones a joyful Deepavali!


Featured Photo Credit: Expedia Blog

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