HOGA Gaharu Tea Valley: Hidden Gem In Gopeng You Need To Check Out

HOGA Gaharu Tea Valley is a plantation and agro-tourism destination located in Gopeng, Perak that house over 200,000 agarwood. The plant possesses excellent medicinal properties, including regulating blood glucose as well as increasing metabolic rate. To study this one-of-a-kind hybrid crop, the plantation has also formed research partnerships with Universiti Sains Malaysia and Nottingham University in Semenyih.

Photo Credit: Tourism Perak

The plantation began about two decades ago, but it has only open to the public for a couple of years to promote the use of gaharu. Back in Imperial China, “Only the Imperial Palace and the wealthy could have it, as it was considered a precious ingredient in Chinese medical practice,” the plantation owner has previously told The Star

Photo Credit: Global Travel Press

Here, with only RM10, visitors may take a guided tour around the expansive plantation in a minivan. There are three stops with plenty of photo opportunities with gaharu tea-tasting offered at the end of the trip. 

Photo Credit: TripAdvisor
Photo Credit: Global Travel Press

Stop 1: Hilltop Viewing Stage

A three-storey viewing deck located at the highest point of Hoga Gaharu Tea Valley that allows visitors to experience the splendid panorama of gaharu trees in the plantation as well as view the lofty cascading view of Titiwangsa Range. Hug the oldest tree here for good luck!

Photo Credit: TripAdvisor

Stop 2: Lover’s Park

See ‘Century Lover Trees’, the intertwining pair of century-old trees that embraces each other like lovers. The legend has it that couples who make an oath under the tree will be blessed with everlasting romance and will never be separated. 

Photo Credit: Tourism Perak

Stop 3: Tree Hugging Park

Take a relaxing walk, breathe refreshing air, and hug as many trees as you want to destress at Tree Hugging Park. Hugging gaharu trees has healing properties as well as believed to be auspicious. Some of the well-arranged gaharu trees here were painted with colourful paintings as you can see above.

Photo Credit:  @miniwawa_ | Twitter
Photo Credit: Hoga

Hoga Outlet & Deli

This is where you can purchase locally produced gaharu tea and other gaharu-based products, including cookies, instant noodles, soup mixes, and fragrances. Chill at Hoga Deli for wholesome and delicious gaharu-infused food ranges from toast and ice creams to nasi lemak and hot soupy noodles.

Photo Credit: Jomkita | Twitter

Don’t forget to stop by HOGA Gaharu Tea Valley if you ever drive pass Gopeng! This place is perfect for a weekend family excursion; there are many photo opportunities, excellent food, and you do not even have to worry about finding parking spaces here; there are plenty! 

Book bus tickets to Gopeng with CatchThatBus and travel with your favourite operators such as KKKL, Super Nice or Sin Yong, If you’re coming from Singapore, Lapan Lapan, Starmart Express or Golden Coach will take you to the destination for as low as S$33 one-way.

Photo Credit: TripAdvisor

Gaharu Tea Valley Gopeng
Lot 9840, Mukim Sg. Teja,
31600 Gopeng, Perak Darul Ridzuan. 

+605 – 3511 999

Entrance fee:

Mini-tour fee:
RM10 (adult), RM5 (children age four and above), free for children below age four.

Featured Photo Credit: Wikipedia

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