Places In Malaysia That Will Make People Believe You’re In Europe

Everyone most likely is at least a little bit fond of Europe. But for many of us, flying to European countries will cost a dent in savings, while for some, Europe is too far and they do not have the time.

Whatever the reason is, CatchThatBus has rounded up these locations that possess some European air — just a bus trip away!

The Chateau Spa and Organic Wellness Resort

The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort - Aerial View
Photo Credit: Berjaya Hotels & Resorts

The Chateau Spa and Organic Wellness Resort is a majestic 12th-century French medieval castle inspired luxury resort in the mountain will bring you into a world unlike other standard tropical retreats in Malaysia.

Since its location is away from the hustle and bustle of a city, you could have a completely relaxing stay in the tranquillizing natural hideaway where you can as far as choose to do as much or as little as your heart desired.

Photo Credit: Asia Tatler

The facilities are truly remarkable: 180 rooms and suites, a premier spa and gym, and a salt-water swimming pool. Meanwhile, its hospitalities are unbounded — with daily morning yoga session, organic farm picnic tour as well as accommodating hotel staff that will make you feel like you are a Monsieur (or Madame) of a French town.

Photo Credit:

There are various activities around the area you can do if you feel lounging in your deluxe room or by the vast pool is getting trite. You can play a round of golf at the award-winning Berjaya Hills Golf & Country Club golf course or have fun at a sports complex housing a 12-lane Brunswick bowling alley, tennis courts, squash courts, snooker tables, a gymnasium and more.

Photo Credit:

For food, you can choose from five restaurants with fares ranging from French, international, to local; prepared with organic ingredients, free from pesticides and chemical fertilizer freshly picked from its farm. Délicieux!

Colmar Tropicale Resort

Photo Credit: Berjaya Hills

Colmar Tropicale is also a French-themed resort and it sits just by The Chateau Spa and Organic Wellness Resort, but this one is a tad cheaper than its 5-star counterpart.

Being near one another means it shares many attractions such as the Adventure Park that offers activities such as flying fox, canopy walk, and rock-climbing. Meanwhile, Animal Park allows both adult and children to see and pet animals such as rabbit and deer.

Other attractions include 6D motion adventure, carnival fun and games, and a gaming arcade.

Photo Credit: Berjaya Hills

You can also ride on an elegant Palomino or Appaloosa horse across the spectacular 6,500 hectares Berjaya Hills Horse Trail and stroll through the lush Botanical Garden that is home to various little critters. If you are into Japanese culture, this is your chance to visit the beautiful zen Japanese Village. 

Photo Credit: Traveloka | Blog

However, the charm of Colmar Tropicale Resort is its Parisian cobblestone pathway with multiple sidewalk restaurants with both indoor and alfresco (open-air) dining. First, you can start by getting ice-cream in a cone from a sidewalk cart. Your next nourishment can be the freshly baked bread at La Boulangerie Cafe and later on get dinner at La Cigogne Restaurant — a French fine-dining restaurant.

Cameron Highlands

Photo Credit: Civitatis

When it is not peak season in Cameron Highlands — time dilates — and everything gets infinitely better. Some people say what attracts them to the English-like quaint town is the cooling weather while some say it’s the picturesque view, but for me, it’s the ambience — and its fresh vegetables and fruits. 

Photo Credit: Agoda

Up 6,000 feet above sea level, Cameron Highlands besets the largest tea plantation in South East Asia, that you can visit for its guided tour and cafes serving tea and scones overlooking the breathtaking tea fields. 

Photo Credit: Traveloka | Blog

Other attractions that you can visit include Lavender Garden and Cactus Valley. There are a handful of European Restaurants in Cameron Highlands serving exquisite western cuisine. And when you got tired from all the fish and chips, you can always head to Brinchang Night Market to grab our very own, local-taste deep-fried bites to eat.

Photo Credit: Tselana

The architectures around this town are English and European-influenced since a British man founded Cameron Highlands back in the 1800s — which makes you feel sort of like you are in Europe. 

Fraser’s Hill

Photo Credit: Foursquare

Next in this list is the peaceful and ethereal Fraser’s Hill where lingering clouds and chilling mist envelopes the rolling hills. Going up to this town, you will get to view some of the most scenic panoramas and by the end, greeted by Fraser’s Hill clock tower.

Photo Credit: Puncak Inn

Fraser Hill is known for its cooling climate and activities in nature such as hiking and bird-watching. Meanwhile, The Paddock Fraser Hill offers horse riding under the supervision of a qualified coach. After trying horse-riding — or while waiting— you can unwind at the resting area under many conifer trees in The Paddock.

Jeriau Waterfall, on the other hand, is an expansive nature preserve with lush woods and scenic hiking trails where you can have a picnic by the water with the family — Fraser’s Hill must-visit.

Photo credit: Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Tour

The architectures of this hilly town are inspired by colonial British. Most of these buildings are of Tudor style and have been refashioned into accommodation or lodging that you can stay in. If you want to feel the ambience of England and Scotland, take this chance to visit Fraser’s Hill today.

Melaka River

Photo Credit: Malacca

The 10km Melaka River was a prominent entry for traders from Europe and Asia and was known as the “Venice of the East” by European seafarers back in the late 16th century.

Photo Credit: Confused Julia

Nowadays, Melaka River has become a popular tourist attraction, with the River Cruise that offers a view of colonial buildings, antiquated shophouses, and local settlements during the day, and illuminates with LED lights during the nighttime — offering a magnificent night view of Melaka River.

Photo Credit: Malacca

The river cruise provides a guide for passengers to these ancient bridges — Tan Boon Seng Bridge, Ghost Bridge of Malacca, and Old Market Bridge, among others that used to berthed fishing boats but are now host many restaurants.

Also look for bright, eye-catching street arts (Melaka River Street Art Project) on Melaka’s shophouses and guesthouses along the river commemorating Melaka’s unique identity, heritage, and iconic landmarks.


Ready for a hideaway with your loved ones in these destinations in Malaysia? Head over to CatchThatBus for bus tickets to these locations today!

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