The Latest #Travelhack That Savvy Travellers Are Taking Advantage Of

What’s Your Dream Destination?

The biggest hurdle stopping everyone from travelling to their dream destinations is the upfront cost — travel companies expect immediate full payment for the trip ticket. So, many travellers have to save up for months (or years) before their dream trip. Some people have asked, “Why should we pay for all our travel today when we will be travelling in the future?” Therefore, some airlines and travel companies have since introduced instalment payment for their products and services.

Besides the recent introduction of the instalment plan by airlines, credit card users could use the instalment scheme to buy many things from flight tickets to electrical appliances for the longest time. However, many refuse to own one because they are scared of falling into a credit card debt trap. Credit card interest rates are very high if you do not pay the bill in full — even for the best travel credit card. And missing credit card repayment could do severe damage to credit score. On the other hand, an instalment payment plan with money that you own can help in your monthly budgeting and ease your short-term cash crunch.


This Latest #TravelHack Makes Travel Affordable

But now, even debit card users can buy bus tickets on instalment plans. CatchThatBus has partnered with a trusted financial service partner from Singapore called Split that recently expanded to Malaysia. Split allows instalment payments for bus tickets booking with no interest and no hidden fees.

With Split, you do not have to worry about your sensitive data because every interaction with them uses bank-level security and encryption, which means it is safety guaranteed. Isn’t the idea of being able to pay for travel tickets via monthly payments not associated with a credit card fantastic?

In CatchThatBus, Split instalment payments are available for all tickets from your favourite bus operators priced at RM10 and above. At the moment, Split has also waived all processing and service fees to encourage travellers to start booking through this method. 

Making Instalment Payments with Split

First, select your preferred trip.


Next, select your seat, and your pick-up and drop-off points.


Enter passenger details — full name, phone number, and ticket type.


Enter your email address and tick the T&C box. Next, choose Instalment Payment and press Pay Now.


You will be directed to the Split homepage where you have to choose a payment plan, enter your credit/debit card details, phone number and your ID number to complete the transaction.


What are you waiting for? Visit CatchThatBus and pay your bus ticket in monthly instalments with Split today! Don’t forget to read the FAQ before making the purchase.



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