Tips To Help You Eat Healthy While You’re Traveling for Work

On your 3-hour business trip on a bus, you alternate between struggling to sleep with feasting on unhealthy junk food because you are bored — this is just the beginning.

Your healthy eating routines went completely haywire during the 5-day business trip due to sleep deprivation, and all the business dinners and eating out. You feel tired and bloated, and your skin looks horrid even weeks after returning home. 

It is challenging enough to keep up a healthy eating habit when staying home, so it can be even more complicating when travelling for work. In a sheer food indulgent with no caution, while also skipping meals, you might end up putting a lot of stress on your body, and gaining unhealthy weight is very likely.

Drink lots of water


Hydration is the first rule to a healthy body, and it is especially important in our hot tropical climate since our brain can misinterpret that thirst for hunger and drive appetite and cravings.

An effective way to remind yourself to drink water is by carrying a water bottle with you all the time. Besides plain water, an excellent option would be coconut water since it’s easily available here to keep you feeling your best. And if possible, try avoiding alcohol, coffee and soda because they only add lots of unnecessary fat and calories to your diet.

Stick to your regular meal schedule


Business meetings usually provide complementary foods, snacks and drinks. However, you should know better than to indulge in these high-fat and sugary treats. Although it is very tempting to consume these foods, just because it’s free doesn’t mean you should eat it. Meanwhile, the stress of travelling might make some lose their appetite, which is not good either.

Stick to your regular mealtime as much as possible, or you might overeat later. You may eat the food and beverages offered if the time is close to your mealtime. Do not skip meals to prevent any headaches and tiredness since your body needs a lot of energy to work and travel.

Choose healthier food options at eateries


We understand that experiencing new cuisine can be the highlight of your business trip. And this is the best time to reward yourself for all the hard work done — by enjoying some expensive food on your company’s account. However, nothing good is ever coming out from too much of anything. Instead of indulging in food, you might try doing something that isn’t food-related, such as booking a hotel with spa treatments.

Below are some tips when eating out

  • Start with a side salad 
  • Avoid excessive sugar
  • Fill half of your plate with veggies for at least one meal each day
  • Look for protein and vegetable options
  • Choose grilled items instead of fried
  • Have dressings on the side
  • Pass on processed foods (sausages, white bread)
  • Ask for substitutions, like side salads instead of fries, extra veggies instead of cheese
  • Take away part of your meal to prevent overeating
  • Steer clear of buffets and eat healthier options you enjoy most
  • Choose beverages without sugar

Keep healthy snacks in your bag


Since most restaurants and packaged foods use highly processed ingredients, proper preparation is critical to avoid being tempted by unhealthy options. Some excellent choices include mixed nuts, citrus fruits, and homemade protein bars since these travel well. If you have lunch boxes with insulation, you can even assemble enough calories and nutrients to substitute two or three separate meals. 

When shopping for snacks, check the nutritional information and go for something healthier, such as unsweetened/unsalted items. Do not buy junk food just because it’s cheaper and packaged in bite-sizes.

If you do not have the time to go grocery shopping before your trip, you can now conveniently order from various online delivery apps such as HappyFresh and have your groceries delivered to your doorstep.

Apps to maintain health on the go


You may also download healthy eating apps, calorie trackers and fitness apps that provide specialised diets and detailed nutrition information such as Lifesum or MyFitnessPal. Some of them even allow access to a nutrition expert who creates a diet plan for you and remains on-hand to provide advice whenever you need. There are also apps to help you find healthy meals and food that cater to your intolerances and allergies when you are out and about.

Don’t beat yourself up


If you had made some mistakes along the way and returned home feeling sluggish and bloated from skipping meals, overeating, and sinfully indulging in junk food, do not punish yourself. Leave the guilt, regret and any negative self-talk out, and let HappyFresh help you get back to eating well at home.

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HappyFresh provides a platform for grocery shopping online. Trained Personal Shoppers will pick out your groceries from well-known retail chains such as AEON, Tesco and more and then the riders will bring them to your doorstep on the same day. Shop your grocery online with HappyFresh app today and get your freshly handpicked food (and more) from your favourite supermarket delivered to your home! 

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