Best Practices for Life After MCO

The Health Ministry has been advising citizens to wear masks, practise social distancing and avoid the 3Cs (crowded places, confined spaces and close face-to-face conversations) during the Movement Control Order (MCO). However, once the order is lifted, it will be a while before our lives can return to normal. Here are some precautions and practices to follow after the MCO to stop the spreading of Covid-19.

Avoid mass gatherings

It is important to avoid mass gatherings and limit physical contact with others until the solution to contain or cure the virus is found. More people in a single setting makes it harder to keep a physical distance. Moreover, those returning from affected areas may introduce the virus to new communities; spreading it rapidly through gatherings. Protect yourselves by not attending weddings, concerts, parades, festivals, sporting events and other crowded places.

Maintain strict social distancing


Keep a strict social distancing of least 1 metre from others to avoid breathing in infected droplets. When meeting others, opt for greeting where no touching is involved, such as a wave. When possible, ride a bike or drive a car instead of taking public transport. The new norm should be applied at work too. Instead of working in the office, work from home and conduct virtual meetings. And instead of cash, use digital payment and money transfer. Lastly, please stay at home if you are not feeling well or show flu symptoms until you fully recover.

Follow good hygiene practices

You may well be very hygienic after the virus breaks, so, keep those practices. Wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, and disinfect common surfaces and parcels to kill viruses. Avoid touching your face and immediately dispose of tissues after use. And wash your hands again. When going out, wear a face mask and use hand sanitiser. Take a shower after every trip out.


There were many concerns voiced on social media on the risk of a spike in infection rates with the ease of MCO. We understand that there is more to learn about the coronavirus, but it is up to us to practise self-discipline in our fight against the invisible enemy. As for CatchThatBus, rest assured that our operators are strictly following guidelines set by the government and prioritise the hygiene of all operating buses for a safer travel.


Featured Image: CNN

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