Must Watch Memorable Raya 2020 Advertisements

Every year we wait for a unique and heartwarming Raya advertisement to tug at our hearts. However, this Syawal will come during the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) period—meaning a new style and thus a new kind of “normal”. Though we have to say, watch you’re about to watch is no less touching!

#1 Petronas Antara Dua Jendela

Our beloved Petronas advertisement this year is titled Antara Dua Jendela. The storyline is a mixture of animation and liveaction that follows two sets of elderly parents living in akampung’ (village) who squabble every year. Watch how social distancing during the pandemic brings them together

#2 Vivo#RayaStyleLain

Vivo’s #RayaStyleLain follows a lighthearted narrative of family members living separately planning and celebrating Raya in the “new normal” and how Vivo technology brings them together

#Muslim.Sg – Jauh Di Mata, Dekat Di Hati

Muslim.Sg‘s Raya video tells a story of a family embracing a different Ramadan and Raya in this challenging time. The storyline is touching and meaningful — conveying the importance of being present when we are with our loved ones.

#4 Adabi#AdabiRayaTetapRaya

Adabi captures how the members of a family plan, cook and prepare for the Raya celebration in spite of the distance. The video is a ray of sunshine with a loving, relatable and nagging mother in the background!

#5 YoodoGang Silat Lagenda 5 Malam Sebelum Raya

These five Malay warriors inspire Yoodo’s witty Raya ad: Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekiu, Hang Kasturi and Hang Lekir. The “gang” is trying to catch up over a video call, but Hang Jebat’s video keeps on lagging due to a poor line—looks like someone needs Yoodo! 

#6 BoostRaya Tetap Raya, Walau Dimana Kita Berada

Boost cheers Malaysians with a song to keep the excitement of celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri with various options for everyone whatever race or belief to mark the occasion.

#7 TNB – #SemangatRayaEpikFantastik

Here’s to embracing a different kind of Raya with our powerhouse this year. The adorable Jero is back without the usual storyline they’re known for, but one undoubtedly impressive—with more sentiment too! Indeed a simple yet beautiful compilation of celebration during quarantine for Malaysians. A reminder that home where the heart is. 

#8 TM – Ramadan / Syawal 2020

This video is a shoutout and dedication to each and every one our doctors, nurses, policemen, and fellow citizens for making social distancing possible. The fact that some of us can spend Raya with loved ones is because of the amazing support and teamwork.

#9 Watsons – Jauh Di Mata Tetap Beraya

With some online shopping for healthcare, beauty and cosmetics products at Watsons, the Raya mood during CMCO doesn’t lose its spark! Enjoy singing along to a star-studded cast and let the closed house celebrations begin!

#10 Maxis – Suasana Syawal Sempurna (Audio 8D)

This year, Maxis brings its first of a kind Raya experience to you. Just click the ‘play’ button and close your eyes, let the moment take you in.

If you’re more of  a visual person, click here.

#11 Saji – Kuah Kacang Ibu

Nothing beats mum’s cooking or—in this case—her kuah kacang! (It’s peanut sauce). And this mom, she’s making sure her children enjoy the homemade goodness of her recipe with just a live video call and bottle of Saji!

#12 Yeo’s – Raya Kaler Yeogurt

Don’t let the movement restrictions kill celebration vibes this Raya—time to bring out the colours of your wardrobe! In this Part 3 video of Yeo’s, we watch a family add some variety to their not-so ‘boria’ Raya

#13 Digi – Menyulam Budi

Digi presents an inspiring Norfarrah Syahirah of special capabilities, who has made a difference to our world. With the incredible skill of sewing by feet, this young lady has played a huge role in providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the medical staff of Hospital Teluk Intan. May her story motivate us to give back to others this Raya.

#14 Tesco – Raya Tapi Jauh

A loner during Raya? Tesco’s got just the right person for you! Let Mirul show you how to pull off an entertaining video for your friends and family in this video of a four-part series.

#15 Ribena – Rayai Keceriaan di Rumah

Consoling and sweet like Ribena, this video reminds us that although Raya this year may physically differ from the usual, it’s love that binds us with our loved ones no matter where we are.

#16 Huawei – Huawei Di Hati

How do you give Raya wish and promote your products simultaneously? Huawei’s got that covered. Enjoy this festive song and perhaps make a purchase right after!

#17 Sunquick – Kongsi Keberkatan Ramadan Bersama Sunquick

Children are truly the apples of our eyes, and we can only hope their happiness in spite of the global situation. This Raya with Sunquick, we’re reminded that peace and contentment are not about what or how much we have, but that we have each other.

#18 USIM – Raya Online

This enjoyable university production is an uplifting example of what Raya can be like for students stuck at campus. It may be a different kind of celebration this year, but nothing that a hopeful attitude, food delivery, and technology can’t fix!

#19 MJ SADO Production – Terkurung Raya

It’s a sad truth that not all houses will be as merry during the holidays, especially with CMCO. While some get to celebrate in person with family and friends, others will be alone like the mother in the story above. It’s just a reminder that wherever we are, let’s make the most of it and to remember to make that call to loved ones far away.

#20 RHB Group – Hikmah

In every situation, there is always something to learn from. RHB reminds us that in spite of the movement restriction following the pandemic, we’ve acquired new skills, bonded (sometimes more than ever), and grown wiser and appreciative of one another. So this Raya, let’s take a moment to just enjoy what we have and celebrate it.

#21 Tune Talk – Rakam Ragam

Here’s a heart-warming compilation of clips of families around Malaysia having the most fun during the trying month of 2020’s Ramadan. May these memories put a smile on your face this Raya.


Selamat Hari Raya Aidlifitri!!

Maaf Zahir dan Batin..


We hope you enjoyed the wonderfully made videos shared. Let us know what you think about this year’s Raya ads in the comment section below.👇


Featured image credits: Petronas

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