10 Short Trip Ideas For The State Locals To Unwind

The Movement Control Order (MCO) and the subsequent Conditional MCO (CMCO) have been ongoing for more than two months now. While the country and states borders are not up for reopening yet, we can travel inter-district for the time being. If you are healthy and your circumstances allow, those in the green zones within the same state can clear the mind by going to somewhere near. But please make sure you follow the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) such as practising social distancing and good hygiene.

Here are some destinations that are perfect for a short road trip.

Penang Street Art, Georgetown, Penang

Photo Credit: Local Guides Connect

Stroll through Georgetown’s streets Penang Street Art and pose for photos while the areas are empty. These impressive arts by a London-trained Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic are used to breathe new life into the shop-houses around the city and capture the rich history of Penang. The area that is celebrated as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, coupled with the empty streets, makes for a great photo opportunity. But make sure to heed the advice by not going around touching the wall!

Kapur Hill, Tuaran, Sabah

Hit the road to Tuaran, southeast of Pulau Sambah in Sabah for a hike at a fern bushes trail and revel in the mountain air to recharge your senses. Behold the spectacular view of Mount Kinabalu and the surrounding at the top. To get here, Waze True Jesus Church Rongalis, which is the starting point where you can also park your vehicle. Kapur Hill’s easy trail makes for a great beginner trail and safe because it is well-marked and well-maintained.

Chini Lake, Pahang

Photo Credit: ExpatGo

If you are in Pahang, you could escape to the Chini Lake that sits in the rural part of Pahang, 85 kilometres from Kuantan. The 12 acres lake is well-known with a Malay folklore Seri Gumum Dragon that is said to inhabit the lake. The calm and beautiful Chini Lake is the second-largest natural lake in Malaysia. Thousands of lotus flower bloom on the lake from August through September. If you love fishing, the lake that is also home to 144 species of freshwater fish makes for a great getaway.

Tanjung Tuan, Negeri Sembilan

Photo Credit: JeeBoon Photography | Flickr

Tanjung Tuan or its Portuguese name Cape Rachado is an important historic site, a gazetted forest reserve, and the only coastal-forest in Melaka. The rich virgin coastal-forest has over 170 species of flora and fauna, making it great for walking, birdwatching and other activities in nature. Department Of Wildlife And National Parks (PERHILITAN) and BirdLife International have named the area as an “Important Bird Area” for its sizable bird habitat and a migratory pit stop for birds travelling the East Asian-Australia Flyway.

Bukit Keluang, Besut, Terengganu

Photo Credit: Izuddin Helmi | YouTube

Climb up the 141-meter Bukit Keluang Hill 6km south of Kuala Besut town in Terengganu to enjoy magnificent views at the top. Walk further through the wooden walkway to find sea caves at the foothill. Bukit Keluang beach that is nicely lined with casuarina trees also faces Ru Island and Perhentian Islands.

Gunung Lambak, Kluang, Johor

Photo Credit: Foodsion

Gunung Lambak or translated as Flea Mountain is a small mountain turns recreational area sits 510m above sea level and is well-known among locals and tourists. Find the start of the challenging trail via a suspension bridge which crosses a small stream — one among many other small streams along the way. Gunung Lambak verdant surroundings could be great for an endurance building hike, picnic or other recreational activities.

Mangrove Swamp Park, Lumut, Perak

Photo Credit: Tripadvisor

Mangrove Swamp Park (or otherwise known as Monkey Park for the natives) in Lumut, Perak is an excellent place to go for a stroll and enjoy nature. As its other name suggests, the area is a habitat for monkey, so if you are lucky (or maybe not), expect a lot of them. Other creatures such as crabs, mudskippers and monitor lizards are also in abundance. See for yourself how the mangrove is protecting the land from seawater erosion, tsunami, and is a shelter for migrating birds.

Pendang, Kedah

Photo Credit: Luqman Photography | Flickr

Drive through the Pendang district and enjoy the view of expansive paddy fields, traditional villages, and various fruit orchards. Located something 20km from Kedah capital Alor Setar, the name “Pendang” comes from the word “Pendiat” meaning a hole to capture and tame elephant. Pendang is one of the most significant elephant breeding places in Kedah at one time. Now the district is primarily covered with paddy fields (18,462 hectares) with agriculture being its main economic activity.

Tumpat, Kelantan

The Tumpat district in the north of Kota Bharu is Malaysia’s culturally diverse locality — the area blends multiple cultures from Malay to Thai. Bordering Thailand, Thailand culture influences can be seen in the numerous massive temples. Tumpat is another major agricultural area with its villages surrounded by paddy fields and the ocean. You can go on a road trip to enjoy these top attractions.

Tasik Melati Recreational Park, Kangar, Perlis

Photo Credit: Tripadvisor

Tasik Melati Recreational Park is a free recreational area located 10km from Kangar for families or anyone looking to unwind. The peaceful ambience of the natural wetland is suitable for recreational activities such as picnics, walking, jogging, fishing, birdwatching, and more. A vast parking space is available for visitors here, so you do not have to worry about searching for parking.


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Featured Photo Credit: Photo by Tiff Ng 

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