Travel Destinations Malaysians Want To Visit The Most After CMCO

Since the Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced Malaysia will start Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) from 10 June to 31 August and domestic travel will be allowed, many people have quickly made their plans to have a nice getaway with their loved ones.

Besides going back to the hometown, here are the top travel destinations Malaysians most want to visit after Conditional MCO (CMCO) ends today.



First in this list must be the food capital of Malaysia and arguably Asia, Penang. This melting pot of Malay, Chinese, and Indian cultures had created the best of food such as nasi kandar, laksa, rojak and char kuey teow.

Besides the food, we also want to enjoy the cultural sights and natural scenery of Penang again, including the serene view from up of Penang Hill and the beautiful beach of Tanjung Bungah. Ahhh, we can’t wait!



Ipoh has grown to be one of the more well-known travel destinations in Malaysia over the years. Mostly known as the second food capital of Malaysia, we can find the pride of Ipoh in the form of laksa sarang, nasi ganja, and Ipoh white coffee. The government maintains remains of the colonial legacies which people can see at many parts of the small city. Other than that, there is Concubine Lane, a vibrant street with charming souvenir shops, fashion outlets, hipster cafes and dessert houses.



As one of the more developed countries in the world, Singapore is equipped with sophisticated infrastructure, which includes its efficient and extensive public transport systems. We can visit not only tourist spots like the Marina Bay Sands, but also almost all other parts of the island-country is accessible via the (Mass Rapid Transit) MRT. Singapore is well known for shopping of high street brands in Orchard road or other independent designers from all around the country.

Kuala Lumpur


How can we forget the Malaysia capital, it is a MUST for this list. The capital city of the country is bustling with activities from morning to night, within its historical monuments, enormous skyscrapers, and modern shopping malls. Kuala Lumpur is for all — doesn’t matter the age or budget. We at CatchThatBus never leave Kuala Lumpur during the MCO, but we miss Kuala Lumpur too!

Cameron Highlands


Cameron Highlands has long renowned as one of the most famous tourist spots in Malaysia — it is jam-packed every school holiday! We miss Cameron Highlands for its cold climate, the affordable fresh produces, and its strawberry-infused everything. From its delicious food to cosy accommodations, it seems that everything is better in this small city.

Genting Highlands


When Disneyland Shanghai slated to reopens, its tickets for opening day sold out immediately. That’s just how much people love theme parks. In Malaysia, the long-awaited 20th Century Fox World opening is pushed to 2021, but we still want to travel up to get away from the sticky heat, enjoy the indoor theme park, and window shop at the premium outlets. 

Malaysian Islands


Many of CatchThatBus followers have said that they would love to travel to one of the hundreds of Malaysian Islands such as Langkawi, Pangkor, Perhentian, Rawa and Sipadan for a peaceful retreat. Our country’s islands are known for world-class snorkelling and diving experiences, so it is no wonder that many long to go back to these beautiful heavens on earth.


Tell us where do you wish to go after the MCO in the comment section below. Stay safe!

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