Wholesome Hari Raya Commercials of 2021

As Ramadan draws to a close, this year’s Aidilfitri celebration must also follow the new norm as we face the MCO again. Most activities are similar to last year’s activities and, while we celebrate, we must not forget to continue to protect our loved ones and to always act in a safe and responsible manner.

One of the things to look forward to are the Aidilfitri ads. Although balik kampung or open houses are not allowed, we can still enjoy the heartfelt life lessons which these ads bring. Here are some of our favourite 2021 Aidilfitri ads!

#1 Raya Si Sakan #NikmatRayaBersama by Maxis

Mak Jah enjoys the yearly traditional preparations for Aidilfitri. Her husband Pak Sakan, on the other hand, persistently shops for Aidilfitri necessities and this upsets his wife. Watch the reasoning behind the purchases. Maxis paired with Shopee to present this year’s Aidilfitri ad in support of local sellers.

#2 Mangkuk Tingkat Mak Teh by Saji

A wife prepares a tiffin carrier for her husband’s buka puasa. She would send it to the hospital everyday where he works as an ambulance driver. Based on a true story and dedicated to the frontliners, this ad really left an impression in our hearts.

#3 Tradisi di hati, Setia di sisi by Setia

Did you know that it takes about 10 hours to make beef rendang? A father takes his son with him on this very quest. The son, who sees it all as a waste of time, tries to introduce online delivery instead. Watch how traditions are worth keeping and passed on.

#4 Kerana Azman 🚲 by Mr DIY

Mr DIY surprises everyone with this silent yet inspiring tale of two childhood friends. “Kerana Azman” highlights awareness of the deaf and mute community in Malaysia. One of the best Raya ads we’ve seen in a while.

#5 Kembara Raya seorang Ninja by Ninja Van

Follow the life of a Ninja Van driver from Terengganu. He meets people from different walks of life and faces challenges during his deliveries. Dedicated to those who are unable to celebrate Aidilfitri with their families this year.

#6 Pulanglah Nak… by Mydin

Mydin goes one level further in creating awareness of the stigma faced by Covid patients, survivors and their families, among other issues. The story fosters unity amongst Malaysians.

#7 Andaian by Digi

A collaboration between Digi and Naga DDB Tribal, brings a tale of a daughter’s misunderstanding of her father’s true intentions. This ad is a reminder to us to take a step back and celebrate the true meaning of Aidilfitri through love and kindness.

#8 Hasrat Syawal Tok by Celcom

Kudos to Celcom for highlighting the vaccination issue. The ad is both meaningful and current. It reminds us of our own self-worth, to believe in ourselves, even if other people question the choices we make.

#9 Umi Pembaris by UMW Toyota

Depicts a constantly nagging mother who happens to be the center of her family’s universe. A fun and entertaining ad, watch how values and tradition are passed from generation to generation and the realisation of its importance.

#10 Ini Raya Kita by Tune Talk

Inspired by another true story, the ad shows that regardless of one’s race or religion, Aildifitri means so much more when happiness is shared.

Special Mention: #11 Raya Paling Sempurna by Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia

The CAAM personnel were amongst the many who were hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. CAAM’s Aidilfitri ad shows how they decided to face the pandemic with positivity. Discover through the eyes of Mia, whose family members are all in the aviation industry, what Aidilfitri truly means to her family.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list! Tell us what you think in the comments below. As always, #StaySafe and have a blessed Hari Raya Aidilfitri.🌙🕌

Featured Photo: Ammar Asyraf | Pexels

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