CatchThatBus: Impressing to Design (4/9/2019) - Providing a platform for users to book that bus ride to their destination is what we breathe for. We enjoy making the simple task of booking a bus ticket easily accessible and mobile. But for us, it’s more than serving – it’s how to best serve. Our visuals of speech are how we reach out!... Continue Reading →
FAQs: How to Use Split on CatchThatBus (11/23/2018) - What is Split? Split is a service that allows you to pay for your tickets in instalments, on popular travel websites like CatchThatBus. You pay a fraction of your total fare when making your booking, and the remaining balance in instalments. How do I use Split to pay in instalments with CatchThatBus? Split is available... Continue Reading →
Introducing for bus charter services (7/26/2012) -  We are finally launching with our first “product”, the bus charter service. Be it for a company trip or for a personal event, why go through the hassle of flipping through multiple directories.  Pricing is transparent, we do not increase the prices like some agents, what you see is what you get. Heck, the... Continue Reading →
Mobile Website : Building a Better Bus Booking Experience (11/22/2017) - Our mission has always been to revolutionise the bus industry through technological and operational innovations, and so we strive hard to bring a vision of a better bus industry into the 21st century. Over the last 4 years, we have constantly adapted to the times and the purchasing habits of our users. With recent data... Continue Reading →

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