My First Ever Bus Trip to Kedah

Photo Credit: Unsplash When it comes to travelling, we are always looking at convenient and comfortable alternatives within our budget. We weigh out the time, money, effort and safety of available options before making a decision. And I wouldn’t have realised how simple it would be until I had to embark on the journey myself.... Continue Reading →

Catch Your Bus at Our Counters

You may already know us as your online portal for express bus travel. What you might not know though, is that we have counters at respective terminals that function to address those travel needs of yours. Don't hesitate to visit our counters on bus travel concerns, booking or even printing your e-ticket. We are always... Continue Reading →

9 Tips to Survive An Overnight Bus Ride

Malaysians are fortunate to be blessed with numerous holidays. Often, long travels are our solution to making the most out of it. In the midst of our exhaustion, we result to budgeted late night bus travel. Uncomfortable much? Think again. Here’s how to survive an overnight bus ride! 1. Research the routes Photo Credit: Spend... Continue Reading →

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