9 Stunning Mosques in Malaysia You Must Visit

Mosques, like cathedrals, are understood to be the centre of worship and all things religion, namely for those of the Muslim faith. Evident in the magnificence of their architecture, these structures are the epitome of history’s ever-evolving eras. Here’s only a few to name in Malaysia that you should not miss! #1 Masjid Kristal, Terengganu... Continue Reading →

5 Do’s and Don’ts to Practice During Ramadan

Today marks the last Saturday before Ramadan - the month of fasting for Muslims all over. A period where faith, perseverance and stomachs are put to the test and iftar becomes the daily wait. Although an annual event, the hours long fast or 'puasa' still remains challenging especially when we consider it lasting one whole month -... Continue Reading →

5 Tabiat Positif Anda Harus Teruskan Selepas Ramadan Berakhir

So… Bagaimana sambutan Aidilfitri anda? Walaupun Ramadan telah berakhir, tetapi anda tak semestinya mengabaikan tabiat yang dipraktikkan sepanjang sebulan yang lalu. Tahu tak, kebiasaannya tabiat baru dapat dibina dan dikukuhkan jika anda melakukannya 21 hari berturut-turut? Kami pasti sepanjang Ramadan, anda telah melakukan pelbagai perkara atau tabiat bermanfaat, jadi apa kata teruskannya kerana ia memberi... Continue Reading →

5 Great Buka Puasa Deals in Kuala Lumpur

Let’s get two things straight - we Malaysians love good food AND good bargains. This article has both. Prices for Ramadan buffets has gotten more and more expensive by the year. We know sometimes you just want to have a good buka puasa with your family without spending too much of your hard earned cash.... Continue Reading →

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