10 Places To Take Your Kids For The School Holidays (12/5/2019) - School holiday has come again, which means the kids can take a break from school and have the much-needed restful sleep. Fill the day with fun activities at these places to nurture and develop their physical and mental wellbeing. 1. ESCAPE Theme Park, Penang ESCAPE Theme Park in Georgetown is one of the best theme... Continue Reading →
10 Recommended Places To Go To In Cameron Highlands (9/25/2019) - Cameron Highlands is different from the rest of the country and is famous among locals and tourists because of its climate. Its temperature generally averages from 18 to 25 degree celsius. Locals and even those as far as Singapore travel here to stock up on fresh produce.  Everything seemed better here — the walk feels... Continue Reading →
10 Short Trip Ideas For The State Locals To Unwind (6/4/2020) - The Movement Control Order (MCO) and the subsequent Conditional MCO (CMCO) have been ongoing for more than two months now. While the country and states borders are not up for reopening yet, we can travel inter-district for the time being. If you are healthy and your circumstances allow, those in the green zones within the... Continue Reading →
10 Things You Must Bring For Your Long ‘Balik Kampung’ Journey (6/21/2017) - Raya is just around the corner now, and I’m pretty sure everyone is already packing for their hometown (just kidding! I know everyone packs the night before we leave). But anyway, whether you’re going balik kampung this year by car, bus, plane or train, don’t forget to pack these 10 items that will make your... Continue Reading →
12 Must-Visit Malaysian Destinations in 2019 (1/14/2019) - Did you know that M101 Holdings Sdn. Bhd. and Hasbro have collaborated to bring Malaysia the world’s first hotel based on a classic board game? And it’s scheduled to open doors this year! In fact, 2019 has in store plenty of places and activities to visit in the country that’ll leave you and your loved... Continue Reading →
14 All-Time Favourite Travel & Road Trip Movies To Watch During MCO (4/3/2020) - Another two weeks of staying at home and there is no way we can let you go bored or tired. So, here’s a way where you can enjoy travelling or going on road trips from the comfort of your couch! This Movement Control Order (MCO) period, we’re bringing you 14 heartwarming movies surrounding travel that... Continue Reading →
25 Cheap Places In Ipoh You Can Visit (All For Less Than RM10!) (10/16/2019) - Ipoh offers affordable boutique hotels and numerous natural attractions such as waterfalls, recreational parks and limestone caves. Ipoh is also known as the second food capital of Malaysia after Penang where you can find a mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisines. Now is the right time to explore this up and coming town before... Continue Reading →
5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Travel Locally (7/22/2020) - The coronavirus has changed so many things in Malaysia. During the Movement Control Order (MCO), we were supposed to stay at home to stop the spreading of Covid-19. Now we are in Recovery MCO (RMCO) phase where state borders are opened, we can start travelling again. For the time being, we reckon domestic tourism is... Continue Reading →
6 Hidden Must-Visit Islands In Malaysia You’ve Probably Never Heard About (11/13/2019) - What better way to quench our wanderlust than a visit to an island. The serene ocean breeze, clear blue waters, soft white sand and tropical surroundings, all of these cook up a recipe for a perfect destination and a relaxing escape. But over the years, many of the islands in Malaysia have become commercialised, soiling... Continue Reading →
7 Best Free Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur (9/11/2019) - Kuala Lumpur is well known to have several gigantic steel skyscrapers with some of it housing expansive shopping malls with various luxury brands from around the world. Despite being known as a shopping haven, this gem of a city is still full of an eclectic mix of things to do at zero cost. Here are... Continue Reading →

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